Monday, July 12, 2010

My Friend, Jody

As some of you have noticed, I have a link on my friends’ list for Good Shepherd Farm, but Jody has not written anything for over a year. She has given me permission to give you a brief run-down on how she is doing and why she’s been away so long.

Jody moved from her beloved home near me to move to Carver, into a house with her mother. Mom, Marie, had lost her job due to downsizing and couldn’t afford her apartment anymore. They rented a house from Jody’s fiancĂ©, Don, and spent the summer getting ready to move, moving all of Marie’s things in and moving a lot of Jody’s things up from the farm.

Not long after they settled, Jody had an operation to assist in some of her “women’s problems” and to help ease the pain on her back.

Then Marie began to get ill and spent a lot of time either in the hospital or in a nursing home. She was even gone during Christmas due to another emergency. The doctors just could not figure out what her problem was. Jody spent most of her waking time (and waking up from her sleeping time) to help her mother when she was at home.

In January, Jody had an operation on her left thumb. She had severe pain there and had the arthritis taken out and some other “magic” things done to relieve that pain. I could empathize with her for that operation, as it was similar to the two that I had done on my right thumb. Mine was called “joint replacement” - I’m not sure what her technical terms were.

Marie continued to be ill and go downhill. Jody struggled with diet, medication, care for her mother, all the time hoping that someday SOON Marie would turn the corner and start going uphill again.

Jody was scheduled for brain surgery for a tumor like son-in-law Ken’s ... that acoustic neuroma that he had removed.

But two days before her surgery, Jody’s mom passed away, suddenly. The shock of this, as well as attempting to recover from her surgery has taken a tole on Jody and she has fought with illness and depression ever since.

Jody and Don made the decision to sever close relationships and Jody is continuing to live in Carver while he lives down here on the farm. They are still very good friends - Jody could not do a lot of what she IS doing without his help.

Jody has been coming down to the farm to get all of the rest of her possessions moved up to Carver and finally have all of her things under one roof. She has been spending time with me; last Saturday she spent the day with Candy and I at our “Stitches in Time” meeting. 

Yesterday she spent the day with Norm and I at Walnut Grove, demonstrating spinning and the swing picker. She even borrowed a dress from me so that she was “period correct.”

This next week she is taking a three-day course on portrait painting by a pretty famous artist down here. So she will be staying at the farm, packing and visiting with me and taking her painting course (she really IS very good at what she does).

Seeing Jody back down here is wonderful - she is a changed woman from the one I have been visiting in Carver. She BELONGS down here.

Jody has some land in the Black Hills that she is going to sell and then will use the money to buy a house down here so that she can move back home, have her own house and be with the people who love her.

Jody has had a tough year, but we are all confident that she is recovering and will be moved down here soon so that she can join us in our fiber efforts and our fun.

The next thing on our list is to get her back on her blog. However, she has forgotten her user name and password and because she changed email addresses, she is having a problem signing on to her blog. Any one have any clues as to how to recover them?

I hope all of you will say a little prayer for Jody and her efforts to move back “home.” All the prayers will be appreciated and all the help, as well.

It’s a beautiful day - more beautiful because Jody came over with her spinning wheel and visited for a few hours. You have a beautiful day.

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