Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a difference time makes!

I am reading a book called “The Midwife’s Advice” by Gay Courter. This is the second in a series about a Russian Midwife, Hannah, who immigrates to America. This book is set from 1900 to after 1920. I have not finished it yet, but have been interested to see the differences (and also the similarities) of happenings only 100 years ago.

Since Hannah is a midwife, she is very involved with women’s problems, including contraception.

One of the interesting (and appalling) themes of the book is the fight that women had in order to be allowed to give speeches, write and print pamphlets about contraception and to even be allowed to use them in the privacy of their own homes.

Women were jailed for speaking in public on their beliefs; this was the same time that other brave women were being put in jail for their beliefs on the right to vote.

So, children, I’m going to step up on my soap box so that I am taller than a few of you and speak out on these two issues. Men, if this offends you, look aside. Women, stand up for your rights - brave, strong women suffered great dangers to give us the rights we have today.

These women suffered torture, prison terms, and some even died for their causes. We, as their daughters, grand- and great-grand daughters owe them the honor of following in their footsteps. There are more goals to be met; not only in America but in the world. We need to ensure that all women, world-wide, are free to follow their dreams, their desires without fear of retribution. There are far too many places where women cannot make their own choices freely, whether it be to marry (or not), whom to marry, to vote (or not), to have children (or not) and how many children.

There are still way to many women who do not have control over their own lives. Ladies, girls, women .... are YOU going to be a Susan B Anthony, a Margaret Sanger? Do YOU think we need to continue the fight into the 21st Century for Women’s Rights?
Susan B Anthony

Margaret Sanger

Okay, now I have stepped down. I hope I have given you some food for thought on this cool, damp Saturday. I know I am not brave enough to step to the front, but I will be there, cheering in the sidelines while others go on to fight for equal pay, equal electoral rights (such as a woman President), equality in ALL things. Good luck, ladies - may the Power be with you!

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Candy T said...

How about "The Last Waltz" and women's rights. We have come a long way.