Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bitty!

Yesterday was my oldest granddaughter’s 14th birthday. It’s hard to believe that she is that old, already. Where has the time flown?

Norm and I went up to the Cities to spend Father’s Day and birthday with Joy and the family. Joy and Ken planned some very nice dinners for us, enough to make all our palates happy.

I had promised Bitty (and Bubba) spinning wheels when they were able to spin a decent yarn. They have been using my antique ship’s wheel which is not a good wheel for spinning.

Brother-in-law Wayne had borrowed my original wheel this winter to learn to spin. He purchased his own and returned mine. Now, I am a greedy-guts when it comes to my fiber tools and don’t want to get rid of anything. But I knew that I’m not going to be teaching much spinning so don’t need more than two working wheels (right?) and decided to give the girls the Ashford Traditional.

This wheel was purchased before Jill was born, 37 years ago and was the wheel I learned on and used for many years until I got an Ashford Traveler for demonstrating. I gave Joy the Traveler a couple of years ago.

So I took the Traditional up with us on Friday; I carried it into the house and the girls were not suspicious - I’m always carrying something like a wheel or a loom to work on when we come. But I hung 2 cards on the wheel so that Saturday morning they discovered that the wheel was THEIRS.

Bubba has not done much spinning on the antique (Minnie Mouse) because it was so difficult. She spun a bobbin and a half that first day and the yarn is very awesome! Bitty didn’t spin as much because her wool is not carded like Bubba’s is; she had to card her Icelandic before spinning but she was doing rather awesomely, as well.

We brought Minnie Mouse home to be a decoration, mostly. And left 2 happy spinners when we came home on Monday.

Also, on the way home, we went through East Union and West Union, looking for gravestones; Norm has relatives buried there. We think they are all buried in West Union, but I took pictures of the ones we thought might be worthy of mention while in East Union, then got directions to West Union (haven’t found that on a map, so it was lucky we found someone to help us).

Yesterday was very hot and sticky; we had a downpour, thunderstorm and strong winds last night with 1 ½ inches of rain overnight. Now it is cool-ish and a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day.


Candy T said...

They look good behind that wheel.

Gail V said...

East Union and West Union! You drove right near my house!
Next time, stop!