Saturday, May 22, 2010

Home again (for awhile)

We are home from Oklahoma and settling in for a week.  Next week we go to Rapid City, SD for Charles' internment in the National Cemetery in the Black Hills.  This is where my parents have chosen to be buried when their times are here.  This is a cemetery only for Service Men and Women and their families.

The ceremony will be June 1st at 10:30.  Donna and some of her children, including Charles' son CJ (Charles Joseph), will be there.  Joy and family are riding with Norm and I; Candy and Wayne are going separately.  Cookie and Binni are going as well.  Jill is going to try to make it ... hope so.

I have pictures to share but am loading drivers and programs on my new computer.  I will share them later.

I have a new ASUS ..... I have not heard the name but Vern says the company has been making internal parts for 20 years and computers for 5 years.  This computer will have parts that are easily accessible, as the old one did not.

Today is a beautiful day ... it's about 65º and breezy.  It's great to be home.  You have a beautiful day.

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Jan said...

I am glad you are home for awhile. Kick back and relax. A lot has happened and you need a break.
Thinking of you.