Saturday, May 08, 2010

Census duties

I am officially an enumerator for the Census Bureau and am working several hours a day, knocking on doors, asking people who have not sent their forms in to answer the questions and I will fill in the forms.

I had training last week on many different situations that could come about and training on filling out the forms properly and training on HOW to ask the questions.

I was sworn in as a Federal official and I am not allowed to tell ANYONE, including Norm, about what I learn during my duties. The government takes a firm position on privacy. The information that you have (or will have) given the Census Bureau will NOT be disclosed to any other branch of the government for seventy-two years. That goes for me, too.

If I told you anything, I would be fined and put into prison, so I can’t tell you anything except that I am enumerating!

It’s interesting but it’s also nerve-wracking for semi-hermits like me. I do NOT like going up to a strange door and knocking and talking to strangers! Everyone I have talked to, though, have been very nice, so perhaps by the time I am done, I will be a little bit more comfortable.

On another note, it is May!!! Beautiful little May … sweet and warm and sunny…. yeah, right!

April was the second warmest on record, as March was the warmest on record. But May, supposedly so warm and sweet, has been cold, for the most part. We had one day in the seventies, but other than that, it’s been raining and cold and in the forties and fifties during the day, and colder at night. Some days have been windy (like March is “supposed” to be), even having “wind advisories” and gusts up to fifty or sixty MPH! And rain, of course. But not snow (yet).

Despite the cold, we still have some sun and have things growing and blooming around here. We have blossoms on one apple tree; the flowering almond is blooming; the lilacs are THINKING about blooming!

Lilacs are "thinking"

One apple tree is blooming

 Flowering Almond

We have a hen that hatched out two chicks and they are growing. I don’t see them much and can’t get a picture of them, as she hides them when I step into the pen they are in. Young Spunky (two years old, now) had a batch of kittens on May fifth … I did get a good picture of them. They are fat and warm; Spunky is doing a better job than last year – then she had a single kitten in a nest box and when I moved it out, she moved it back; I think one of the hens might have killed it, as it didn’t survive.


Today I will join Candy at Stitches in Time. This will be the first meeting we’ve had all winter. Most times it was scheduled, we had so much snow or stormy weather that no one could make it. Other times both Candy and I was tied up with something else. But TODAY … we will both have a great time. We hope others will show up but if they don’t … it will be just us’ns and we will enjoy quiet and time to do what we want.

Then Norm and I will go up to the Cities to see Joy and family for Mother’s Day and spend the weekend.

However, we do have sad news. I went out to do the chores last evening to find that our ewe, Soot, had stillborn twin lambs. Don’t know why, of course. It’s very sad for us and for Soot. She wasn’t that big, yet, but her bag was so I figured one lamb. They look full-term, as they are not excessively tiny. What a blow! Twins, even! Just as Bitty and Bubba were hoping for.

We have the orphan lamb at Shalom Hill and I’m hoping Norm can bring him over and we can convince Soot that he’s hers – they would both be very happy that way.

It is a beautiful day, none-the-less, despite cold, rain and sheep losses. You have a beautiful day.  

And, Happy Mother's Day, everyone!


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Kelly said...

Oh Connie-I would have a hard time with working for the census for a couple of reasons. First being what you said-I don't want knock on a strangers' door and engage them in conversation. On top of that, all but one of the questions being asked are none of the government's business and our Constitution doesn't specifically call them out. The census is meant to count the population so that proper representation can be had in the House of Representatives. Beyond that, how much I make, what color my skin is, and so on are irrelevant.
I hope you'll make some new friends is the process though!