Monday, April 26, 2010

A great weekend!

Friday, Candy and I went to Aberdeen to spend the weekend with friends. It was the eleventh year of their famous Weaving Weekend. This year was our second year and we hope to make it an annual affair each year. It was fun, entertaining and educational, as Kelly and Marie plan it to be.

This year it was at a Youth Camp along a river / lakefront. This Youth Camp has been used since it was built in the Thirties, by the CCC gangs. The main building has a large commons room with a nice kitchen. There are several dormitories and we slept in one. I was afraid the beds would be miserable to sleep in but they were pretty comfortable for camp beds!

We had thirteen of us this time so it was a pretty large group. Candy and I went to the store to meet Kelly and follow her to the camp because the main road was broken up so we had to take a detour that was too complicated for us to figure out, as we didn’t know the area.

We arrived at the camp around six where Marie was setting up and getting things comfortable. Supper was potluck with lots of good food – several soups to chose from, fresh fruits, salads, deserts and homemade breads. I think anyone who supplied bread would have been embarrassed to bring commercial stuff! Kelly is allergic to soy, so we all tried to keep soy out of our foods. Commercial bread has soy, so it would not be fair for Kelly to have to give up good bread; besides, when you go to a potluck, you are looking for bragging rights to your food! I tried a new bread pudding with peaches in it that was very good, if I don’t say so, myself!

Even though it is called “Weaving Weekend,” there were mostly spinning wheels. I had planned on taking my loom, but it was not set up and it would have been nearly impossible to do so there, with so much conversation from all areas. We set up in a circle so everyone could talk and see each other.

Marie did have her triangle loom there and also several little ones for people to practice on. And Connie One (I’m Connie Two) had some bread cloths and towels that she had done on her new loom that she brought to show. I fell in love with the pattern on her bread cloths and need to make something with that pattern. Fortunately, I have the same book as she does, so I can use the pattern.

So, we spent Friday night there, got up early and spent the day on Saturday doing our “thing” and enjoying each other’s company. Then got packed up and headed home about four that afternoon. Not nearly long enough for any of us, especially Candy and I, who had the longest trip home.

The general opinion, though, was to have a two-night affair next year … giving us more time to play and less time out of twenty-four hours for travel!

Here are some pictures of the fun things we did. It was rainy and chilly but the company was warm and inviting.

 Taking a silk hankie and making it into silk yarn
 silk yarn

Tomorrow I head to Mountain Lake for training for the Census. I am going to be an enumerator; have YOU filled out your Census form?

It was a rainy, chilly day today but beautiful none-the-less. You have a beautiful day.


Jan said...

Looks and sounds like you had fun!

Candy T said...

It was fun. And I hope they decide on 2 nights next year.

Jeanne said...

Please tell me what the Triangle shaped thingy is. Looks like a really cool object!