Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taxes are so complicated!

Our taxes are done, now (whew!). I started out with throwing all the needed info (bills, etc) into a box throughout the year. Then in February, I started collecting them together and putting the information in an Excel spreadsheet. I then scanned in the tax information for mortgage, property taxes, income, etc.

Then the tough part! I sent all the information via email to my niece, Cookie, who works for H&R Block (as does my sister). She would call or email me with questions and I would fill in the blanks.

I packaged all the stuff up into a folder with a rubber band and put it in the file drawer, labeled 2009 Taxes. Whew! What a chore!

Monday night, Norm and I went up to Marshall to meet Cookie and Candy at the office and sign the necessary paper work. The tax information was then sent electronically and we will get our refund from the State and Federal in about 10 days or so.

What a chore! What blood-sweat-and-tears I went through for this annual chore!

Thank you, Cookie, for all your competent work. It saved Norm’s life (I get very testy when I have to do the taxes myself) and saved my sanity (what little there is left)!

It’s a beautiful day today – up in the 50s already and very LITTLE wind, which makes it so much better. I am wishing you a wonderful relative or friend who will do your taxes for you and am wishing you a beautiful day!

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Bethany said...

I agree Connie~ We pay big bucks to have ours done, but I still have to have 2 separate trucking companies done before I can turn them in. Such a chore!