Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prayers, please

My very dear friend and Partner in Crime (PIC) Jody of Good Shepherd Farm has been missing from the blog roll for many many months.  

Jody moved from her beloved farm 2 1/2 miles from me into the Cities to live with her mom and help her.  Jody's Mom, Marie, was dealing with sudden retirement and having to move from her apartment she had been living in.

Jody and Marie moved into a house owned by Don, Jody's partner in Good Shepherd Farm and started to settle in.  Jody has had computer problems so has not been able to get on her blog.

Then Marie started having health problems, so Jody has not had the TIME or ENERGY to get on her blog.  Hence the long absence.

I just received a call this morning from Jody, telling me that her mother died early this morning.  Marie suffered a stroke and her heart stopped several times.  There is high water everywhere so the ambulance that came to get Marie was rerouted away from the normal route, which made the trip longer.  But Jody says it wouldn't have mattered how long it took to get to her, the decision had been made that it was Marie's time.

Jody is grateful that she was there when Marie collapsed - Jody had been scheduled to go to the doctor yesterday and says she would never have forgiven herself if Marie had died while Jody was gone.

Jody is at peace, though grieving, because she knows her mother is now at peace.

On Thursday (which I was going to originally write about today), Jody goes into the hospital to have the same type of surgery as Ken.  She has an acoustic nerouma and it will be removed that day.  I am asking for prayers for her speedy and safe surgery and speedy recovery.  

Perhaps Marie chose to go at this time so that Jody could recover from her surgery without having to worry about her mother.

So, on this beautiful spring day, hug the ones you love and send prayers to those who are grieving.  And send prayers to Marie and to Jody and her family.

Jody has a Caring Bridge site set up if you want to visit and leave her a message.

Jody, I love you .....

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Candy Duell said...

I will keep Jody in my prayers, she most certainly has had it rough. My thoughts and prayers are with her for a speedy recovery from her surgery.