Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My world is crumbling to bits!

All kinds of things are happening to make this a difficult winter.

Let’s start with the weather. Now most of you know that there has been measurable snow in forty-nine of our fifty states this past week. Even Northern Florida got snow! At least enough to make a snowball!!

Now here … we gave up counting inches at forty. Every day that it “promises” snow, we get at least two, if not more. But the depth of the snow is not the problem. It’s the wind. The blasted, everlasting, eternal wind!

Our drifts are up to ten or twelve feet deep in some places. Norm cleans out the driveway and the lane; there are some days that the wind blows the snow right back in after less than a couple of hours.

This last storm (not a blizzard, just a couple – well, four or six – inches of snow) blocked us in again. We managed to get out to Westbrook on Thursday for a doctor’s appointment. Norm managed to sneak into Windom for a dentist appointment on Friday morning, but had trouble coming home. We went to our neighbor’s .. LeAnn and Art … for lunch on Saturday. (They live three miles east of us,) On those three days, it wasn’t the drifts; it was the visibility.

But on Sunday … bright and sunny and not very windy, Norm headed to church. He was back in ten minutes – he had made it a quarter of a mile before turning around … the drifts were getting deep already. On Monday, Norm was going to go to the Farm to clean them out – there was a guest stuck who hadn’t gotten out on Sunday. The snowplow had gone through so he knew he could get to work. He drives the four-wheel drive pickup (with chain on the back wheels) and came back less than ten minutes later. He had gotten stuck trying to get OUT of the lane onto the county road.

And as he looked down the county road, he saw that the drifts were building again, even though the snowplow had been by only a couple of hours before. So he wouldn’t have been able to get to work (three miles away) if he HAD been able to get through. So he spent most of Monday with the shovel and snow blower clearing the intersection.

Tuesday (yesterday), the snowplow went by three times in the morning. Norm was able to get out with the pickup but I had to cancel my dental appointment in town because we couldn’t get the van out of the lane. So he drove to the Farm to clean them out and let the guest go home (finally).

And came home and nearly got stuck again on the county road. The road was drifting closed again.

So that’s the weather / snow report as of today. We have sunshine, very little wind and no snow coming down. Norm is working on the intersection, hoping to get it cleared. He finally found the mailbox (covered up to the very top) but the drift in front of the mailbox is about three feet so our mailman can’t get to it.

However, the rest of the “crumbling?” Well, the water softener has gone kablooie and we need to get another one --- have just been waiting until better weather when we can guarantee that we can safely get to town and back; also we have been waiting until Norm has TIME to go to town for a serious sales discussion about softeners.

Then this weekend, the refrigerator started making noises like a loud motorboat. A call to the appliance center assured us that it would cost too much to get it repaired – it’s ten years old – and we need a new refrigerator (sigh).

Brother-in-law Wayne called yesterday and said that HE had gotten HIS lane open and HIS snowplow man had gotten HIS road open. So, since it seemed nice, could we meet in Storden for supper? I called Norm and he said “No” but didn’t go into details. When he got home, he told me that we still couldn’t get the van out of the lane. And we can’t take the pickup into town even if he took the chains off the back wheels … the front brakes of the pickup are dead! And there ARE no back brakes (didn’t know that – he never told me)!!! (Sigh.)

Norm brought the big snow blower home from the farm to use; when he took it out of the pickup, the tires were flat and they had come off the wheels, so he had to fix THEM before using the blower (SIGH!!!)…..

Oh, Lordy!! When will it ever end? Norm is out there now using the fixed snow blower, trying to get the intersection open so he can take the van to work. We will have to do something about the brakes for the pickup, soon.

On a better note, the sun IS shining; the temperature has climbed to almost twenty degrees. Spring is “just around the corner,” so I’m told.

And I have a foot done on the second place mat. I should be able to get that one done today.

I did catch a pretty picture last night at sunset that I want to share.

Today is also the anniversary of my sister’s birth. Cara would have been sixty-two. Happy Birthday, Cara!


Jan said...

Oh Connie,
So many of our winters have been like that. I feel your pain. The only saving grace is that spring WILL come!

We have bee blessed with a mild winter (so far) and I am loving it.
Take care, Jan

Kelly said...

I might have a cantankerous cow, but at least there's no snow! Sorry you're stuck with so much! Jasper's pen is almost done, we'll start the plan Monday morning.

Bethany said...

I just wish the farmers around our area would cut a few more groves down.... I'm joking of coarse!

Keep your chin up Connie, we are almost there!!

dogsmom said...

So sorry for all you are dealing with. I hope life is treating you better these days. You do make me smile. The only place we have gotten stuck this winter was in our own drive. Here too the tires on the snowblower are flat and he said it was easier to spend a few hours shovelling than to deal with it in the unheated barn. Then fortunately I had a neighbor from down the road take pity on me and plow out at least the driveway. (Maybe when he saw I hadn't picked up the mail for 4 days?)
Spring will come...along with mud.