Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My head is spinning!

(And those of you who know me personally will say, “What’s new?”)

Yesterday my youngest son-in-law, Eric, emailed me with an idea. Could I weave a towel, place mat or runner with the Pac Man symbol on it?

Well, not with a four-harness loom, but with an eight-harness, is it possible? It boggles the mind (well, at least MY mind!).

So I went looking for patterns, looking for ideas, looking for anything to tell me if it could happen.

Now, I am going to let all of you in on a little secret … I am getting an eight-harness loom! For real! Honestly! I have made arrangements to pick it up from Deanna – former boss, current friend. She lives in the Cities and I’ve been planning on picking up for almost a month. 

Oooops ... Just found out that Deana's loom is a four harness.  Oh, well, plans for more complicated  weaves is going out the window but I'm still excited about getting another loom, just a little bit wider.

However (however!) the weather has not cooperated … we have rarely had one safe day for travel, let alone two; when we go up to the Cities, I need to see Jody and Deanna, as well as spend time with Joy and family. We WERE going to go up for the Super Bowl, but no!

So I am planning and looking at patterns. Last night I dreamt of finger weaving PacMan into a warp while Eric looked on. I hope he was approving – I can’t remember that!

While looking around, I found a fellow weaver, but SHE is a weaver extraordinaire! I may have been weaving for many years, but she has skills I could only dream of! Her blog is: Dust Bunnies Under My Loom.

I have finished the gift and it’s in the mail “as we speak” … it should get there on time for the special occasion. When I hear that he (she / it) has received it, I will post pictures and details. I also just finished a place mat / bread cloth with the rest of the warp.

Norm is going to do some fine work on a problem on “Cherry” before I start my next warp. I plan on doing some place mats with “overshot” … like the old fashioned coverlets. I’ve wanted to do overshot for a long time … now is the time!

It’s a beautiful day today. Started out this morning with snow and ground blizzards. Now we have sun and ground blizzards. The tracks Norm made going to work this morning are gone and he’s going to have to blast through, again. You have a beautiful day.

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Jan said...

It is always exciting to be nudged forward unexpectedly. I hope you can sleep at night!