Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eleven years ago today

I cannot believe that it’s been eleven years since my sister Cara left us.

Cara was a very special person from the time she became a “person” – not just a baby.

Words cannot describe her. She was stubborn, talented, smart, clever, wise. She was always there when I needed her for advice. She may have been younger than I, but she was an “old soul,” and knew more than I did about the ways of life and the ways of living.

Do you ever get over losing a sister, a brother, a parent, a child? Cara’s loss was the first big loss I had ever suffered and it was a shock to my innocent soul as well as a shock to my heart.

Many times I have a dream about Cara … she is either showing me that she is happy where she is or she is giving me advice (although often I do not remember what she said when I wake up).

I will always miss you, Cara. I will look forward to seeing you again in the future. I know you are waiting for Candy and I to join you. I love you.

Candy (left) - Cara (right)

High School era



dogsmom said...

Keep the loving times in your heart. She is waiting for you with a smile.

cherylhotton said...

I so sorry for your loss . I too lost my baby brother , he was killed by a drunk driver when he was 16 .