Friday, January 08, 2010


Again, snow! We got seven inches of fresh white stuff yesterday! And this morning? It’s blowing, as “promised.”

You know … I’m tired of talking about the weather and it isn’t even the middle of January. So, let’s talk about something else, okay?

Fiber … one of my favorite things to talk about and do with. I finished (and am able to post, now) a Christmas present.

When Norm and I went out to see Jill and Eric last year, I saw their beautiful glass dining room table … square, like a card table but with chrome legs and edges and black glass top. I saw in my head (among other things in my head) the perfect gift for that table. And actually got it done before Christmas, despite my knee “problem.”

The table runners can be single on the table, as runners - the long one can be placemats as well as runners

Or ... you can use them cross-wise, again the long one being placemats as well as a table runner

Actually my problem was not my knee, although it hurt and I had to have mega-therapy. I just didn’t have energy to do ANY fiber thing … so I lost almost a whole year.

I was then asked to do a tablecloth and ran into mental as well as physical problems so the “buyer” switched to a pastor’s stole – she performs weddings so wanted one of those. It worked out rather well, I’m a thinkin’ … and I have a second one on the loom right now, since I enjoyed the first one so well. I’m going to send them both to her and let her decide which one she likes.

This blurry picture shows the brilliant, gaudy warp

 But with a thickish weft, the gaudiness disappears and is just a subtle background.  It is now ready to hem.

I ordered some more yarn from Cotton Clouds. This is a six-pound package called “Rainbow Ends” – you pick the color scheme and they send you mill ends of different cotton yarns. This time I chose chenille and got some lovely, lovely colors.

Can you see the shimmer in some of the colors?

Again, blurry, but you can see the green chenille muting the bright warp.

Next I am going to do a table runner (for someone un-named) and will show you that as it goes along.

On another note, it still IS snowy and cold out – roads are difficult to traverse so I am pleased that I am staying home. Sister Candy is now working in Marshall with her daughter Cookie and living in her apartment with her. She plans / hopes to come home on weekends. But not tonight … her road is still not plowed open!

And on another note, sixty-six years ago last night, a young soldier was doing guard duty in Florida, keeping his eyes open for possible submarines. When he got off duty about four in the morning, he was told that his wife was in the hospital; he headed over quickly and got there just about the time that I was born. Sixty-six years~ oofta! Can’t believe I’m that old (on paper, not in my heart).

I was not going to show you any snow pictures but there are some awesome ones, if I don't say so myself!

You could hardly see the shop in the wind / drifting yesterday

Can you see the clothespin on the clothesline? The clothesline is about my height!

 Norm is six feet tall and this drift that he needs to clear is waist high

It was a beautiful sunny day today, despite the cold and wind; the snowdrifts are really pretty if you don’t have to plow through them! You have a beautiful day!


Gardengirl1952 said...

Hope you had a good birthday despite the snow and blowing. I was raised in the Mason City, Iowa area and know all about the winter weather you are having. Live in Washington State now and our area gets some snow but nothing like the midwest.

Candy T said...

That's a lot of snow. Hubby says we have drifts as tall as him up by the barn. I still don't know if I'll make it home today, but Marshall is plowed out. Too bad I hate to go shopping. Happy Birthday. You'll get your gift someday (I do like to shop at the Purple Iris).