Sunday, January 31, 2010

Okay, really, really fast

I will post pictures and stories about Brookings later.  But I have two "new" friends to put on my link. 

First is Bethany.  She is a trucker and has a lovely blog about women truckers (herself in particular).  Go to One Girl Trucking to read her interesting and entertaining blog.

The next is Kelly She lives in Arizona, has some land and has goats.  She now has a cow, freshly calved and is a first milker.  I met her when she read my post about milking cows on Lehman's.  Go read her adventures in Arizona (and don't I wish I were there on a +1 degree day).

It's a beautiful sunny day.  You have a beautiful day!


Kelly said...

Thanks for mentioning me! We've had our share (well more than our share) of clouds and rain this month! Almost got washed out the day after Elsie calved. Happy to report the ground is almost dry again and I have seen the sun more lately! Sorry about those 1* days back east...I don't think I could live there!

dogsmom said...

I found you through Kelly's blog. Here in Wisconsin we have the freeze, but most of out snow is gone. Sure we will enjoy more before its over.
Anxiously looking for your Living History photos. I love that stuff.

Bethany said...

Thank you Connie!! Came through your town 2x yesterday and once today... Would love to stop sometime, when I have "time"... hahha!