Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh , well .....

The Vikings got close … not close enough, but closer than they’ve been for a long time. I enjoyed the game, though; it was good to see the score so close and to go into overtime rather than having a horrible score. I don’t think we Minnesotans need to hang our heads in shame. It was a tough game and the other guy won.

We are now back into winter … a heck of a blizzard and it’s the worst, I think, of the bunch we’ve had this winter. I just heard on the news that the snowplows were called off the roads about 3:00 this afternoon because of the whiteout conditions. Interstate 90 is closed clear across the Minnesota strip, from Albert Lea to the South Dakota border. Interstate 35 is closed from Minneapolis to the Iowa border.

Norm is out in the shop working, but he has to really bundle up to get there and get back. He had to shove the shop door open and then shovel it open, and he had only been in there about an hour.

We hear that the wind is blowing about 30 MPH and gusting to around 50 MPH. The wind is seeping and shoving itself in through all the cracks and crannies of the house so it’s chilly even though we have the heat going. 

I have one picture to share with you of the blizzard.  I could fill your screen with many, many pictures, but will confine my efforts to just this one.

I have a little electric heater close to my looms so that I can actually be comfortable while working. I have just finished the second marriage stole for my friend and need to steam the two and package them up to mail. No hurry today – the mailman didn’t come today and might not even come tomorrow, depending on the weather in the morning!


(On a side note, we didn’t get mail in Saturday because our mail from Mankato was about two hours late and Mailman Rick evidentially figured he couldn’t get through to here that late in the afternoon. We had rain on Saturday and the road was impassible with ruts and mud!)

I finished dressing the demonstration loom with wool – I’m going to make some scarves of handspun yarn. We have a Living History Fair on Friday in Brookings (weather “looks” to be stable for that time).

I have also started working on a wedding present for my brother on my 15” “Cherry.” I will take pictures and show them after I send it to him (we are not going to the wedding – in Oklahoma – because of chances of bad weather and because we need to be here for Ken’s surgery later on in February). I am also weaving a wide table runner in dark blue on my 36” “Matilda.” And, in my head (and on paper), I have plans for some hand towels / dish towels for the near future.

I have not been doing much weaving lately. All last winter and this spring / summer / fall, I haven’t been in the mood. But all of a sudden, I’m raring to go again and don’t have enough looms (or time) for all the things I want to make.

It’s a great day to be sitting either beside a fire (or electric heater) and doing some kind of craft thing. It’s a beautiful day (inside). You have a beautiful day

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Candy T said...

The Marriage Stoles look great. I hope she likes them. Have fun this weekend. I am going to try to get home. See you in April.