Friday, January 22, 2010

Date for Ken's surgery

The date has been set for February 26th.  He will have the operation at the U of M (University of Minnesota, for non-Minnesotans out there).

Thank all of you, so far, who have sent prayers and circles of light.  We are all confident that the surgery will go well and Ken will heal quickly and totally.

On another note, it has been foggy and cold and nasty since Monday morning.  Norm and I went to Sioux Falls on Monday and the visibility was horrible on the way over and worse than horrible on the way back.  We then went to Westbrook on Tuesday and the visibility was sort-of horrible.

We took Joe (our borrowed ram) back home on Wednesday during a sleet / blowing snow storm and THAT was horrible.

Brother-in-law Wayne is supposed to come over for dinner and cribbage and has not come for over a week.  The roads get closed easily with this wind, no matter how warm it's been.  We keep hoping the 28 + degrees every day will melt some of the snow, but no ... the wind whips it around like crazy nearly every day.  And when the wind isn't whipping the snow, it's so foggy that we are lucky if we can see a quarter of a mile on the roads.

View from the windshield on the county road

Our grove in the fog

One of the pines in the heavy frost / snow

It DOES make for beautiful views, even if we can't travel easily.  And it is a beautifully foggy day today.  You have a a beautiful day.


Jan said...

Ken is in my prayers.
I am glad you liked the "kids".

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such themes. I like to read blogs like that. BTW add more pics :)

Gail V said...

Hi Connie,
just catching up on blogs, I see your news about Ken, so sorry. But I have known two people who had these who came through just fine, so I am confident Ken will, too. Best wishes to all of you as he and his family go through this.

Candy T said...

Looks like Wayne won't be coming over this week either. More wind and snow. At least we didn't get the ice. Hopefully, I'll get home next weekend. Nice photos.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie, I am sorry to hear about your son in law..I will wing some prayer that way.

You must have more snow than we we have ice..and slushy til it freezes.:)