Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anniversaries and such

I have two daughters (I’ve spoken of them often). They are both married; hence I also have two sons-in-law. Now, I raised only daughters, so I have not had much contact with boys, except my brother, who (as most sisters know) has been a mixed blessing in my life. (Now he is only a blessing, but that’s another story.)

Today is the anniversary of my oldest daughter, Joy, and oldest son-in-law, Ken. If I am figuring right, it’s their 15th. 

Beautiful couple

Taken this summer, discussing wool and tools

So, Happy Anniversary kids. We love you and hope you have many, many more anniversaries in the future.

Today is another special day, and I am asking you that you all say prayers for Ken. He is going to some University doctors to discuss his acoustic neuroma that was discovered this month. This is a tumor (non-cancerous) that is pressing on the hearing nerves of his brain. They feel that surgery is necessary (at least so far they do) to remove it before it gets larger.

I think (think) that Ken thinks it’s due to cell phone usage. That’s a discussion for another time – the fact is that he has it and it needs to be dealt with. So, again, your prayers are asked for – for the doctors to make the right decision and for the family to keep their strength up in these trying times.

It was a beautiful day yesterday – lots of sunshine, very little wind and the snow melted, making us hope that the melted snow would hold when the wind started again. Not so! We have NORTH winds today (instead of the south winds we’ve had for a few days). Brother-in-law Wayne was going to come over to help Norm with some house updates (another story in the future) but canceled. He can’t get down the township road, again!! Blown shut, again!! So he needs to wait for the snowplow to come by, again!! We are wondering about our road, but Norm saw a vehicle go by just a little while ago, so – at least for now – OUR road is open.

But it is a beautiful day, non-the-less. The temperature is around 30º and the wind chill is only 17º. No sun, but we’ll take what we can get. You have a beautiful day.

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Kay said...

Hi! My name is Kay and I had an Acoustic Neuroma 14 years ago (I was 25 & had been married about a year). I have a GREAT life now, even though I had a few complications (many which are NOT common so don't worry - modern medicine has come so far!). Check out my blog and feel free to contact me there if you have any questions or I can do anything for y'all. I know that this is a crazy time but he WILL be OK! :o)