Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What a wonderful weekend!

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Candy’s with niece Cookie and grandniece Binni.  None of my direct family was with us, just Norm and I. 

Cookie is choking her daughter!

However, on Saturday, Jill and Eric joined us for a few days.  They had flown in from Seattle to Fargo and then went up to the cabin for Thanksgiving.  On Friday, they took Eric’s grandma back home to her place and grabbed Christmas decorations for the cabin.

Saturday morning, they headed down to see us.  We had Cookie, Binni, Candy and Wayne join us for an after-Thanksgiving meal with no turkey (I would have loved it but know that others would be tired of it).  So we had pork loin and all IT’S fixin’s. 

Joy and family could not come – they had prior obligations, so it was sad but I was really glad to spend so much time with Jill and Eric.  I don’t get enough time with them!

I don’t talk much about Jill and Eric – mostly because they are in Seattle and I don’t see them often or even talk to them often.  Jill is busy (and stressed) with work.  She works for a payroll company and this is the busy time for them.  Plus they are trying to “convert” their clients to a new system and it’s not working.  Although Jill has no control over the conversion, she takes responsibility for any mistakes that are made on her side.  I wish I could figure out a way to lessen the stress for her!

Working on computers and game machines - and Eric is trying to download ringtones on my phone.

Eric has finished school as a computer graphic artist (or something – I never get his title right) and is still looking for a job.  I’m sure a lot of you know that feeling.  Fortunately, Jill is working and her job is secure (well, as secure as you can imagine in this day and age), so there is no worry for me, there, about them struggling to exist!

They have a dog, Remy (Beagle cross) that is a delight, but didn’t bring him this trip.  Remy doesn’t like to travel much so they left him with a friend.  When Jill called to see how he was doing, the friend told her he was “delicious!”  So we didn’t get to see Remy – and he loves to attempt to play with Peanut (Peanut doesn’t play with many dogs but she tolerates them).

I will be honest – I sometimes worry about what I can talk to them about when they are here.  With Joy, it’s easy – grandchildren or fiber.  I don’t have that in common with Jill but when she is here, I forget about that because we have so much else in common that there is no struggle to figure out what to talk about.

We talked about books, music, dogs, her work, my animals and Joy and her family.  I caught her up with all that the girls are doing that she misses because she is so far away.  We also talked about electronics (Eric’s favorite subject) and sports.  Nothing to worry about – we had PLENTY to talk about.

And we ATE!!!  It seemed like all I did was cook and clean up the whole weekend.  Like I said, the others came on Saturday night, then it was just the four of us for the rest of the time.

Jill and Eric left on Monday morning – they were going to stop and have lunch with Cookie on their way back up north.  Then they were going to head home today (Tuesday) for Washington.  I started missing Jill as soon as she got into the car!

The only thing that blighted the weekend was that Ken and Joy and girls couldn’t be here – perhaps next time!  Well, not the only thing – the other blight was that Jill and Eric had to leave (too soon for me!).

Christmas will be separated, too.  Jill and Eric will be in Washington, as Jill doesn’t have enough time off to come back over (sigh).  At least they have a tree and I sent home Jill’s annual decoration to put on the tree.

I thank Jill and Eric for making the effort to come down – it’s about five hours from the cabin down here so that’s a very long ways to come.  I hope they will be back here sometime soon – maybe mid-winter and we can see them then?

It is a beautiful day again today – sort-of sunny and rather warm.  You have a beautiful day.


Jan said...

Hi Connie,
Did Jill's gift arrive?
I hope so. Nice when they come and visit isn't it?

Candy T said...

It was a good weekend. Now it's time to get back to the wool. Ready to go to Purple Iris?

cherylhotton said...

I really enjoyed this post Connie , I have 3 children and will not be with any of them for the holidays . Oh for the good old days when they were younger and with us all the time .

Leslie Shelor said...

Sounds like a lovely time! Too bad about the stressful jobs, but down time with you folks must have made things easier!

Thanks for the Greenboro referral. I'll be glad to help in any way I can!