Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sharing the past

We are here in the Cities to spend time with Joy and family for the weekend. We will have our Christmas gift-giving tonight and the girls have their Christmas program tomorrow.

Today I taught the girls how to make lefsa. My grandmother, Nana, was 100% Norwegian, born in Norway and transported here as a child. She lived with a Norwegian foster mother, so she learned to cook in the Norwegian style and flavor. I am not at home and don’t have a picture of her, but I will post one when I get home.
I am not very skilled in rolling out lefsa and so have not made it often, but I do have Nana’s recipe, Joy has Nana’s electric lefsa griddle and I have a pastry board that helps with the rolling out.
Joy saved some mashed potatoes (you can used plain cooked potatoes or mashed ones) so we started mixing the lefsa dough and started heating up the griddle.

Both girls are pretty good at rolling out dough so there wasn’t much I needed to do to teach them the rolling, although there is a little bit of difference in the technique.

After we got the lefsa done, we tested it. Most here say it is wonderful. The girls claim it’s better than the commercial lefsa you get in the store. I wouldn’t go that far, but I am pleased.
And the girls are pleased to learn a new skill, especially one that is a favorite food.

And now, when my life is done, I will go happily, knowing that some of Nana’s skills have been passed on and will not be lost.
It’s a beautiful day here … overcast but mild and no wind. You have a beautiful day.

 Flour on the rolling pin is essential

 Serious work
Make sure that the lefsa is thin enough

 Not all seriousness, though!
Nana's lefsa griddle

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