Monday, December 07, 2009

Pearl Harbor Day

No, I don’t remember it … I wasn’t even born yet, but my parents remember it and many people still can say, “I was ***** when I heard the news.”

I was raised in the military so I have heard from my parents the stories that they tell about this day and others. My dad flew bombers in World War Two, which was a direct outcome of this day.

I have been to Hawaii and have seen the memorial that has been put there so that no one will forget.

Times have changed – we have many (too many) events to remember “I was ***** when it happened,” but we must never forget any of them.

Pearl Harbor’s tragedy is one to remember – to stop and memorialize, even if it is just once a year. Many fine young men (and women) died either on this day or days following to keep the world free. Let us pray that their sacrifices, as well as the sacrifices of the men and women who followed, have not been in vain.


surrey said...

I heard these news but i don't remember anything ....but after read your blog ...i knew new things..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering Pearl Harbor; not many do. I doubt if the current generation knows what it is or even where. I was with friends for the weekend from teaching school and we were hunting rabbits. I didn't know the significance then, either. In less than a year I would be married.

Love you, Mom