Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s A-Comin’ ….

the goose is getting fat!  Oops, that’s a Christmas song!

Well, Happy New Year to all of you!

It feels like yesterday since the year 2000!  It feels like just the other day since my first New Year’s as a bride!  It feels like last week since the first New Year’s I went to a “grown-up” teenage party!  And I can remember my first New Year’s that I was allowed to stay up until midnight!

But there are two New Year’s that stand out in my mind, through all the many, many ones I have been privileged to celebrate.

The first one was when I was in High School in my mother’s hometown of McClusky, North Dakota.  We had a party at a friend’s house; the family had made a nice skating rink in their front yard and had put Christmas lights around it for lighting, as well as the porch light that shown on the rink.  The “young-uns” had been skating off and on during that cold, sharp night.

I was determined to be on the ice at midnight, so I missed the toasts and hugs and kisses but was skating, all by my lonesome (and loving it) at midnight.  I lasted about half an hour and then went back in for the rest of the party.  The others thought I was crazy but I was content.

The second New Year’s was when Norm and I were in Australia.  We were invited to a friend’s station (what they call ranches in Australia) for the party.  They had a swimming pool in their yard that I had enjoyed often.  So I decided that I would do the opposite of what I had done, years ago, on the ice rink.  I would swim my way into the New Year (remember, Australia’s summer is at that time)!  This time my friends didn’t think I was crazy!  I swam through the New Year and then joined the others in the sheep shed for champagne and dancing.

In my lifetime, I have seen many New Years but these two stand out, probably because they were total opposites in temperature but still the same in doing something by myself at midnight, then joining friends.

It is a beautiful day today, for the last day of 2009.  We have sun, again, which makes a total of 2 days in about 10 days!  We gave up counting the snow depth at 26” but it’s not much more than that, I don’t think.  The wind has been causing havoc on our roads but there isn’t a breath of wind right now and it’s a brisk +4º out.  You have a beautiful day and a beautiful, blessed New Year!




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