Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hello, Joe, what do you know?

Our little sheep flock has multiplied (well, maybe just added to). We are renting a ram, “Joe,” from my friend Betty, who has joined Candy and I at our monthly Stitches in Time meetings.

Joe is a Polypay / Finn cross, which will hopefully give Soot’s baby a nice fleece for spinning. I am hoping that she will pass on her lovely color, but the chances of that are pretty slight, as Joe is white and Soot’s momma and papa are white, as well.



Joe and Soot

I am surprised that Norm is allowing me to breed Soot, as he fusses about the size (2) of my flock. But it was his idea to start with and he was the one who encouraged me to talk to Betty about getting the ram.

When we put Joe in, I was worried about Arthur being nasty to Joe, as Arthur is getting rather “pushy” in his attitudes. Usually a bottle lamb grows up unafraid of humans so will push around rather than back away like most sheep. This is with Arthur. He has gotten so pushy that Candy won’t go in with him in the pasture or barn and I won’t let the girls go in, either. Last time I was in the barn that he was, as well, I had to hit him with the water bucket to leave me alone. This is a situation that we are discussing … what to do with Arthur.

When Arthur was born, if you remember, his momma stepped on his leg and broke it. The Farm gave him to me permanently, then I gave him to Jody, who splinted his leg; now you can’t tell it was ever broken! Jody was unable to keep him at her place so he moved, with Soot, over to ours; the Farm, in payment for the fostering I had done that year, gave Soot to me. Now we have the 2, plus Joe (temporarily). Jody is talking about finding another home for him, as he is becoming a problem here. We’ll see in the future what is to become of Arthur. 



Until then, I am enjoying looking out my kitchen window and watching my humungous flock of sheep grazing in the south pasture.

On another note, it’s gotten snowy and cold here now. October was miserable, November was wonderful and December has jumped into frigid! We got snow on Thursday and Friday morning it was +2º out! Too sudden for me, too sudden for Peanut! When (if) she goes out, she dances on three legs because her poor little toesie-wosies are freezing! I put her coat on her and she made it through the snow to the barn but almost couldn’t make it back to the house. I had to pick her up and carry her because she couldn’t walk!!! Poor baby.

Looking west from the door

Spook objects to the heavy snow


Peanut huddles close to the electric "booster" heaters!

But today is going to be sunny and possibly get up to 25º!!! You have a beautiful day!

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