Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbye, Anna

Ruth and Jerry came down from their place today to collect Anna. She has been a good wheel for me and I have been promised that I can use her next year if (when) we go back up there for the Threshing Bee.

They got here in time for lunch; Candy and Wayne came over to visit and stayed for lunch (chicken & dumplings, one of my favorite meals).

Then they saw the studio, my looms and wheels and the picker (Norm has that ready to go, now, and I was able to demonstrate it).

I gave Ruth a scarf; it was yarn spun on Anna, then knit by Joy as a thank you for allowing me the pleasure of spinning on that lovely little wheel.

Ruth’s daughter-in-law wants to learn to spin so she is going to work on Anna. I hope that she calls me if she needs help in the spinning field.

Jerry and Ruth headed back home about 2:30 – it was a short trip but nice. They are talking about coming back down in the summer when it’s nicer and they can see more around here.

Thank you, Ruth, for loaning Anna to me this summer / fall. I enjoyed having her immensely! 



Jan said...

But, oh, you will miss her....

Candy T said...

I'm sorry she had to go. But at least she is staying in the family and will be used again. She is probably glad to get home. And Bonnie missed you.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a lovely spinning wheel..I need a name for mine..think on it for me..sometime after the first of the year I will have a contest to name her! :)