Thursday, December 10, 2009

The day after

After blustery, cold, snowy weather yesterday, we have a bright, crisp day today, with gifts from Old Man Winter and Jack Frost.

The temperature went down to about -9º this morning but got up to about 11º this afternoon with the bright sunshine. There was a little wind but not much. Norm said that working outside was hard because of the bitter cold but he kept going inside to warm up so had no real discomfort.

I went out to take pictures and spent about 5 minutes outside. Peanut went out with me and when I was ready to call her in, she was stuck. She had such cold feet that she was moving in slow motion, afraid to put any foot down but needed to take the other feet up. I went over and picked her up and carried her in, then put her on her little pad next to the electric heater in the kitchen. She sat and soaked up warmth for a very long time. Poor baby.

When I went out to collect eggs, she refused to even step outside!

I have these pictures, now, to share with you. I hope you enjoy my beautiful day with me. You have a beautiful day.

View from window with a screen

The pantry has a single pane in the window, much like the old windows I grew up with

I got brave enough to go outside and snapped these following pictures





Jan said...

Beautiful pictures, Connie.
We are getting the wind today...brr.

Candy T said...

Even prettier today. And almost enough snow to go shoeing. Stay warm.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What lovely snow, it missed us..HA! But we were 25 below zero too..that was a real treat with out much for snow cover:)