Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Well, the first blizzard of the year has hit with full force! They “promised” it and it came.

We started out with a little bit of snow, but had gotten about 6 inches last night before the wind really hit. Now the wind has “slowed down” to about 26 MPH. The actual temperature is about –2º, the wind chill is about –25º.

I am NOT going outside – I can’t get to the barn because of the drifts. Norm, with his longer, stronger legs can walk over and through drifts, so he’s outside “playing.” He’s knocked the snow off the bedroom window screens so we can see out there, now. He’s dug out the doorway so that Peanut can go outside and I can too, if I need to.

I don’t know if we will get more snow – doesn’t sound like it, but the wind is the monster here. With our open country, the roads are not only treacherous and impassible they are impossible!

So I will treat you to a little picture show of our snow here.

It’s a beautiful day today, from the inside. Norm says, “she’s a little bit mean out there – you can’t hardly walk into the wind!” You have a beautiful day!

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rose said...

That's cold for me!