Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yup, she passed!

On Saturday, Candy and I drove down to see brother Charles … we met about half way, in St. Joe, Missouri.  (This is where Norm and I met Charles and nephew CJ last year.)

 Charles became engaged this summer and will be married in February.  He wanted us, Candy and I, to meet Donna and give our approval.  Not that he would NOT marry Donna if we didn’t like her, but Charles likes to have family approval (as do I) for things that go on in his life.

This generous brother asked us to meet them approximately half way between Minnesota and Oklahoma and offered to pay for our motel room and most of the meals.  By the time we finished the weekend, he had paid for everything – museum fees and also gave us money to pay for our gas back and forth from St. Joe.  Thank you, Charles!

Candy and I left about 7:30 in the morning and had a great trip; it got warmer as the day progressed, until we actually had to turn the air conditioning on because the sun was warming the car up so much!  We stopped in Missouri Valley to see the Bertrand; this is the steamboat that sunk in the river in the 1860s.  It was discovered, excavated and the cargo was rescued and put into safe storage in the 1970s.

This was the 3rd time that I have seen the cargo; Candy has not, so she was thrilled to go through the museum.  I enjoyed it, as well.  Seeing it for 3 times didn’t make it any less exciting.  We both were more interested in the fabric found and the bottles, although the lamps, padlocks, butter churns and dishes were pretty exciting, too.  I was very interested in the matches – it would be wonderful to see an individual match to see what they looked like in the 1800s.  All they showed were boxes; even though they were open, the matches were inside and it was hard to see the details.

Then it was on down to St. Joe.  We got there about an hour before Charles and Donna, so we checked in, got Peanut approved (I had called ahead about her) and settled down to rest a bit.  I had brought Peanut because Norm is in South Dakota helping his brother, Darrell.  (Darrell had gall bladder surgery and needs help doing chores until he is stronger.)  And Wayne, who would have taken Peanut for the weekend was busy, so we took her with us.  Such a trial, taking that dog along!  We thought perhaps we might need tranquilizers for her at one time as she actually lifted her head and looked out the window instead of the naps she was taking!

After Charles and Donna arrived, we sat in the motel room and talked, getting to know Donna and visiting with Charles.  Then went for a small tour of part of the city and then went to Denny’s for supper.  After supper, back to the motel for more talking.
 Sunday morning, Donna chose to sleep in – as she works and has a family, her weekends are precious and she has 1 day a week to sleep in.  I remember that feeling!!  Charles, Candy and I went back to Denny’s (it’s across the street) for breakfast, picked Donna up and went for another tour of the area.  

 After lunch, we visited museums.  We went to the Patee – a great old hotel that houses wonderful displays.  We saw the Jesse James house, where he was killed.  We also went to the Pony Express museum, which is housed in the original stables.  Now, I had seen them before, as has Charles, but Donna and Candy had not.  So it was great to see them again and see them through the girls’ eyes.

We went to the Missouri River, to the spot where the ferryboat had been located before bridges were built.  



And then went to Red Lobster for an absolutely heavenly meal!  Donna had never had crab that she had to take out of the legs and claws, so the rest of us taught her how.  But Donna agreed with me – it’s WORK!  And also agreed with me – when I am rich and famous, I am going to PAY someone to crack the meat out and serve me just the meat, not the shell.

Then back to the motel.  Charles went to watch a football game and we three gals talked.  The three of us had to get a lot of talking done so that we could get to know each other.  After all, we are adding a new sister to the family and Candy and I both wanted to know what she was like – what she liked and how she thought.

So, here is what *I* found out.  Donna is a very intelligent, witty girl.  She likes to read, she likes musicals, she hopes, someday, to learn some kind of fiber crafts.  MY kind of girl!  Donna is raising 5 children and seems to be doing very well with them.  I’m impressed with what they are accomplishing in their lives, so far.  And she is willing to “take” Charles on as well.

Charles was afraid that Candy and I would tell horrible secrets about his past life.  Well?  If you don’t want secrets told, you shouldn’t DO the secrets, right?  We did tell her a few things, and if she doesn’t “break,” Charles will never know what Donna knows about him!  (Snicker, snicker!)

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and I think all of us enjoyed it – I know I did.  My only unhappiness is that Charles and Donna live so very far away so we won’t get together very often.  But it will be pleasant when we do.

As far as weather, it was amazing!  It was the nicest 2 days we’ve experienced since August.  The temperatures were so warm that we went around in shirt sleeves most of the time.  We had the window open at night because the room was so stuffy and warm, even without the heat on.  

When we said goodbye, I told Donna that we had taken a vote and decided that she would “do.”  She said, “You mean I pass?”  Yes, Donna, you pass with flying colors!

It was a beautiful weekend.  We came back to Indian Summer, here.  It was a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!

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Gail V said...

Your brother's got a charming, lovely fiance, there. And it sounds like Candy, you and the doggy had a great trip!