Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where were you forty-six years ago today?

Now, I know most of my devoted readers are too young for remembering (or even being alive on) that important date.

However, it was the day that John F. Kennedy, President, was assassinated.  I was sitting with my (then) boyfriend (not Norm) in the college commons, after lunch, listening to the radio over the intercom.  That was when we heard the news that Kennedy had been shot.

The rest of the day was a blur – I went to my History class – the professor there prided himself on being so “cool” and “with it.”  We listened on the radio for the confirmation that the President was dead and the professor said something very profound.  At least I THINK if was profound – he was hoping it would be but I was crying so hard I have no clue what he said except “Class dismissed.”

Now, I know many people don’t think Kennedy was a great president but he was “our” president – the young people who were just getting into politics.  He was young, like us, energetic and good looking (never a bad thing in polices).  Plus, he was the President of the United States.  Who had the gall to attack us by killing our President?

That was forty-six years ago and I can still remember the feelings I had at that time.  Older people (no, I’m not THAT old) talk about where they were when they heard about Pearl Harbor.  You younger ones remember the Towers going down (I remember that one, and where I was when I heard that news).  Everybody remembers where they were, what they were doing when something momentous happens.

Kennedy’s death was momentous to us.  It was the first time a President had been killed (or even died in office) in the lifetime of anyone.  It changed the views of Americans; the innocence of the age was gone.


Jan said...

I was an American that had just landed in Paris for an adventure and was stunned to go into the street the day it happened and see so many Parisiennes crying. It threw my world. He was the president of we who were young.

Cathy M said...

I remembered, but I was surprised that I heard no mention on the TV.

cherylhotton said...

Connie I was only 7 at the time , a Canadian and living in New Brunswick and in grade 2 . I remember that day very well , our small school was stunned and we were sent home early , my parents were very upset , it was like he was our president too .