Thursday, November 19, 2009

What IS it?

Monday morning, Candy and I headed to the Cities for a couple of days of fun and frolic with Joy and the girls. We packed up our spinning wheels, some knitting and fleece. I took my double treadle, “Bonnie,” Candy took her new double treadle, “Belle.”

We surprised the girls – Joy hadn’t told them we were coming (they LOVE surprises) and they were so excited they were bouncing off the walls.

Most of the day we spent spinning or weaving (Jessica finished a table runner that I forgot to take pictures of) or knitting. Joy taught Candy how to do the “magic loop” to knit two socks at the same time on a circular needle. She helped me set up and start a stocking cap on a circular needle.

Bitty spun on “Minnie Mouse,” the antique ship’s wheel that she uses but I let her ply on “Bonnie.” Bubba did some spinning on Joy’s Ashford Traveler (don’t know what she has named her); Bubba’s spinning is getting much better. Soon she will match Bitty in quality. And Bubba is getting VERY good.

Maple's wool, dyed peach and blended with natural, combed for spinning

Wool in bobbin - see the cream and peach blend?


Talking business
Tuesday afternoon we went to a fancy second hand store and Joy and Candy both bought quite a few sweaters. The sweaters are 100% wool (Candy found a casmire that is heavenly soft); they plan on “frogging” them for the yarn.

“Frogging,” dear children (for those of you who don’t know) is the simple act of ripping out knitted or crocheted items. You can frog something that has gone wrong (my first hand warmer this year has been frogged and re-started 3 times). Or you can frog a sweater or any other knitted item to use the yarn. Our plan (Candy and Joy’s, actually – I just agree to what ever they think of) is to take whatever yarn is not used by any of us and sell it as “recycled” yarn. It will be 100% wool, washed and probably plied to make it easier to knit or crotchet with.

Where there's smoke, there's fire

Ken uses the leave blower to add to the fire

On Wednesday morning, Candy and Joy packed the van as Norm was having us bring SOMETHING back that is a surprise for me. I can’t figure it out, quite. Norm had Ken and Joy get it, sent an envelope to Joy (assuming it was the money) and the package was covered with a blanket and wrapped in cardboard so that I can NOT see what it is. So I suffered all the time at Joy’s and all the time going home. But does Norm let me see what it is when I get home? NOOOooooooo! It’s packed away in the shop and he has to “clean” it before I can see it. Frustration!

The box in the left corner is the "thing" - so, what IS it?

But, in spite of that frustration, the days with Joy was wonderful. We got ideas on how to do things, talked over other ideas and just enjoyed a fiber time with loved ones.

It’s an overcast day, but still warmish for Minnesota – it’s in the low 40s and likely to stay that way all day. So it’s a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


Glenda said...

I know what it is! He he he!

Leslie Shelor said...

I don't know what it is but I hope you like it! Lovely gathering of spinners!