Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is my baby’s birthday!

It’s Veterans Day today and that is a special day, to be sure.

But it’s also Jill’s birthday.  Thirty-six years ago I was in a small hospital in Tumut, NSW, Australia.  The doctor was pretty smug, as he had predicted Jill would come on the eleventh, and he was right, even though the nurses said (after he was gone) that Jill was about two weeks late!  You can tell by the condition of the hands, they said.  Flaky skin on the hands means that the baby was starting to “dry” in the womb and should have been born earlier.

Jill was our second child – I had hoped for a boy, but from the second she popped out, I was thrilled, and have never changed my mind.

“Jill” means little girl, which is why Norm and I chose that name for our youngest.  From the time that she was about two months old, she was silly.  Now, you might wonder, how can a baby be silly?  Well, she laughed a lot at a very early age and played with her daddy very early on.  So Norm started calling her “Silly Jilly,” which then moved to “Jilly Bean.”  And so her nickname became “Bean” or “Beanie.”  

In fact, when she was in junior high, she and her best friend, Karla, called themselves “Beans and Brains,” a name that stuck even into college.  Many of her college friends didn’t even know her real name because Karla called her Bean all of the time!

Jill also chose her Aunt name when Bitty was born – she decided she wanted to be called “Auntie Bean,” which has stuck with her for all these years.

Jill and husband Eric now live in Washington State (sigh) and I don’t see her as often as I would like – but she also resides in my heart.

Any child is your favorite, as you have no favorites, but the youngest one will always be your baby.  And she will always be my baby. 

The three musketeers - Jill is the youngest, then Cookie and then Joy, oldest

With my brother - Uncle "Chunk"

Grown up three musketeers


Happy birthday, baby!

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