Sunday, November 15, 2009

No pictures (sigh)

Yesterday was the monthly “Stitches in Time” at the Senior Citizen’s in town.  Now, for those of you who have forgotten, this is a dream-child of Candy’s where we meet once a month for the whole day.  Away from phones and computers and husbands and demands.  We spend the day doing fiber things: anything to do with wool, yarn, knitting, crocheting, etc.  Anything but quilting. 

Not that we have anything against quilting – we both have been quilters and will probably be so again in the future – but there are quilting groups all over the place and not as many that would teach knitting, tatting, ribbon embroidery and the like.

There aren’t many who come and sometimes, as this summer, Candy has been the only one (while I’ve been away playing).  Then sometimes there are up to seven or eight who pop in to spend time, teach or learn.  One of our regulars has been sick but our most “devoted” visitor is Betty.  Betty and her husband raise sheep for the meat market but she wanted to learn how to spin her own yarn from her own sheep.  She came to learn to spin then purchased a wheel.  Now she has a drum carder and is considering a set of combs.

Most of the sheep that Betty and her husband raise have reasonable fleeces but she wants a flock of her own of specialty wool.  So her task these next few months is to see what breed of sheep she wants.

Betty is also going to loan a Poly-Pay / Finn ram to the Farm so that they can have lambs this spring (missed last year).  I am going to take Soot over at that time so that she can be bred, as well.  Because it will be late (around Thanksgiving), the lambs will be born in the warmer spring. 

Most commercial shepherds have their lambs in January / February so that the lambs are larger at market time.  Smaller shepherds (in flock size, not in physical size) usually chose to have their lambs in the spring.  Take Crosswind Farms - Corrine wants late lambs, but her plans went afoul due to her “bad” girls!  This is the same plan we have.  The last lambing that the Farm had was in the bitter cold of January / February, as the ram got in (as well as the buck) too early and the barn as well as Norm was not ready.  They lost a lot of lambs and kids that year.  This year we hope to have better luck.

So here we sat, the three of us in peace and quiet.  We listened to some soothing music and talked while we worked.  Betty worked with her drum carder, Candy worked on her combs and I sat and spun or knit.

I wished I had taken my camera, as Candy’s combed wool turned out breathtaking.  She dyed part of her Shetland wool a peach, so she blended it with the cream; it looked like the orange and cream lifesavers that we used to be able to get (can we still get them?).

I love going to the Stitches day – it’s not often enough for me, though.  When we picked out the Second Saturday for the meeting time, I was wrong in my schedule.  I figured that most of the events we went to were either on the first or the third or fourth weekend, but lo! and behold!  Most of them are on the second!!!  So most of the summer, I miss the meeting days.

This Saturday was no exception; I look forward to the meetings and sometimes wish they were more than just once a month.

Now, since I didn’t take my camera (shame!), I thought I’d treat you to a family picture.  My dad is going through his slides and has sent a bunch of them (scanned onto the computer); here is one of my brother and two sisters.  I was about eleven, which made Charles nine, Cara seven and Candy four.  Enjoy!

On another note, Norm just got home from South Dakota – he spent about nine days with his brother on the home ranch.  Darrell had gall bladder surgery and has to limit his lifting for six weeks.  So Darrell’s son, Wade, went over for about a week, then Norm popped over to help.  He got home yesterday and tomorrow I am heading up north to the cities.  Candy and I are going to spend some time with Joy and the girls.  We are taking our wheels along to do some spinning; Candy has a project she needs Joy to help with, as well.  Then we will stop in Mankato on the way home for our monthly Sam’s club shopping.  The shops down here are more expensive so we stock up with the less expensive (I can’t say “cheaper” – there “ain’t” no “cheaper” any more!) things.

It was cold over the week, last week, rainy and windy but today was a beautiful sunny day.  It sounds like it will be sunny and warm-ish (for Minnesota) for another week.  You have a beautiful day!

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Far Side of Fifty said...

If I lived just a little closer I would love to join you for your Saturdays! I have many unfinished projects. We have had truly enjoyable November weather up here..much better than October:)