Thursday, November 19, 2009

It’s a picker!!!

An antique swinging wool picker, to be exact. And a picker, gentle readers (yes, I’ve been listening to Jane Eyre lately), takes the wool and PICKS it to separate the junk from the good stuff before you card it.

I wanted Norm to make me a swinging picker and he was hesitant to do so. It takes a lot of work, especially in placing the nails / spikes. Last time Norm and I were in the Cities, Joy took us to the fancy second hand store and this picker was sitting on a shelf but we didn’t notice it until after we had checked out.

Joy and Norm talked, Joy purchased it and I brought it home, not knowing what it was. Joy said it was for Christmas, but Norm had it sitting in the studio when I came home from exercise this morning. He said it couldn’t wait because he figured I would go looking for whatever he had gotten and would find it before Christmas. This way, I can work with it this fall / winter with some of my wool.

You sit on the picker and place wool on the tray, then swing the picker – the picked / cleaner wool comes out the front. It needs oiling, tightening and replacement of some bolts. I think we’ll oil the wood, too, to help preserve it.

 Front, with seat
Handle for pulling the swinging head

Front, where the wool comes out cleaner - notice the spikes for the picking

I don’t know who was more excited, Norm or I. He was thrilled by my reaction, that is for sure!

How exciting! More tools for spinning! More fiber “stuff!” Can’t ever have too much, can you?

Glenda, I suppose Norm told your folks and they told you!

Have a beautiful day – it’s more beautiful now that I KNOW what “it” is!!


Jeanne said...

Please help me. I am looking for a small spinning wheel and I am having trouble. I do not have a fortune to spen but some. Is there a specific place where I should look?
Thanks Greensboro, NC

Leslie Shelor said...

Awesome find!

smallpines said...

Wow ... that thing is cool. Awesome find - you have the neatest stuff!

Gidget said...

Thank You for sharing pictures of your wonderful wool picker! I'm in the middle of building one and it is really neat to see an old one.