Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Finally finished!

I have been working on some wrist warmers forever, it seems. I started them in the summer but my plan of action for knitting is to do it when I’m riding in a car (if I remember) or at a demonstration (again, IF I remember).

But I wanted to give these wrist warmers to Pastor Mark. He and his wife own the Farm that Norm works at and he is the one that gave me the lamb, Soot, last summer.

When we had her sheared, we discovered that her fleece is NOT totally black, but is kind of like ashes (or soot – which makes her properly named). The spinning has been fantastic. Soot’s fleece is soft and easy to spin and a delight to watch go into the bobbin, as the fleece is heathered in color so it’s not a solid yarn going in.

When I started the wrist warmer (the first one), I didn’t like the cable pattern – I kept getting confused (not an abnormal thing for me) – plus it was hard to see the cable in the dark yarn, so I ripped out the pattern down to the cuff and started over. I got the wrist warmer done and decided that it was too big – so started BACK at the cuff and made a two-by-two rib to match the cuff the whole way up. This fit the hand much better and was more interesting than just plain knitting.

Soooo, after three tries (third time lucky), I had one wrist warmer done and had to work on the other one. That took much less time (wonder why?) and I finished this last week.

Yesterday I sent the wrist warmers to the Farm to give to Mark. I hope he will like them. I certainly enjoyed making them (even if it DID take me three times for the first one). I might make some more, just for me.

It’s snowing out today – chances are not very high to get more than about two inches but it certainly is beautiful out. You have a beautiful day.

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Candy Duell said...

Happy Thanksgiving Connie and Norm!