Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a guy!

Yesterday was "Stitches in Time," Candy's brain child, where we spend a day a month at the Senior Citizen's Center and devote the whole day to fiber crafts.  Niece Cookie came to join us and a good "new" friend brought her spinning wheel (I taught her to spin this last winter and Candy polished her off after she got her wheel) and we talked sheep breeds, sheep breeding and all good things like that.

Cookie finished her stocking cap, just in time for the cold weather, and a pair of slippers, which made her very excited and she started another pair of slippers.

Candy spun with her lovely "Maple" Shetland wool and I spun my lovely "Osmo" Finn wool that we purchased from Gail. I wanted Candy to try my Finn as she had gotten some Finn from another breeder other than Gail (speaking of, I need to mention her in another post).  Candy decided that the Finn that I had was much nicer than the Finn SHE had and was also easier to spin than the Shetland that she had.

While we were at the Stitches meeting, Norm had headed off for an auction - he can't resist them!  And brought home a present for me!!!  What a guy!  Thanks, Norm!


On another note, Norm is nearly done with the east door of the barn for the sheep pen.  A snazzy looking one with the best color in the world!


And he picked all the rest of the peppers before the freeze the other night - looks like I will be cutting and freezing peppers, as well as making banana pepper pickles for Norm.


Norm also brought in a bunch of apples and I have some in the steamer that  LeAnn gave me last year (thanks, LeAnn) to make apple juice and therefore make apple brandy.  Norm says it's a waste of good apples but several of my family like my brandy, including a niece that will remain un-named!

It was a cold day - windy, damp with snow on the ground - we got about an inch with our first snow of the year - very early for Minnesota, but what can you expect in these Northern climates?

You have a beautiful day.

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Candy T said...

Very pretty cabinet. What's going in it?