Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip back home

We are home from our trip – short though it was, it was great. Now Joy and the girls have gone home to the cities and the house is empty and quiet. I was with the girls daily for a whole week and really enjoyed their smiling faces the whole time.

Last Monday, Joy and the girls came down from the cities to have supper with my brother Charles, niece Cookie and grandniece Binni. Cookie and Binni headed home that night for work and school the next morning.

Tuesday, we left for South Dakota while Charles stayed another day to meet Candy’s son John (we missed him this time – sigh!) and granddaughter. He spent the day with Norm, even going to work with him that day.

We got to the ranch that afternoon. The ranch is where Norm was raised; his brother Darrell owns the ranch now – it is a WORKING ranch. Sister-in-law-in-law Mavis has a lot of cats; she supplies the neighborhood with kittens when the cats are decimated by coyotes or other natural events. Bitty and Bubba helped Mavis do cat chores that night and in the morning and played with young kittens. They both picked out kittens to take home. However, I had laid down the law before we even started the trip and said “NO CATS!” Norm also laid down the law in that way. So the girls knew, in their hearts they couldn’t have a kitten but tried to soften my heart nonetheless. 

Wednesday afternoon we went into Rapid City and to my folks’ apartment. The girls love their great-grandparents and had a great time with them. Joy was very helpful around the place; both Mom and Dad are eighty-nine years old so it was very handy to have Joy (and the girls) do a lot of the cooking and cleaning up.

The apartment complex has a swimming pool, so the girls went every day, either with Dad or with Mom, Joy and I – and sometimes twice a day!

But this was not the best part! The best part was just being with family. And, for Bitty, re-meeting Aunt Eileen and finding out that she knew how to tat (REALLY knew how!!). She has been tatting for about thirty years! So Bitty got good instructions for tatting and has had that little shuttle in her hands just about all the rest of the week.



I got to see friends and family and Joy did, as well. 

It was a short week but we had a great time; on our way home, we went through the Badlands. Bitty had been asking quite often “Is THIS the Badlands?” so she was able to see the difference between prairies, “breaks” (between prairie and badlands) and the real Badlands.




We got home in time for supper – Norm had started the hamburger for sloppy joes so we didn’t have to wait too long. After supper, the girls played a game of Cribbage with Grandpa while Joy and I got ready for bed.

Yesterday – Monday – we went over to Candy’s so that the girls and Joy could meet Candy’s granddaughter. Candy taught her how to spin so Joy and I helped polish her skills; Carissa hopes to find a guild or a teacher back home and hopefully can find a wheel to rent until she can afford one of her own. Bitty showed her how to tat and Bubba showed her how to crochet. Carissa says she is learning how to knit so needs a teacher for that, as well. Wish she could stay around here for a little longer and get those instructions from her Grandma and me. She certainly is a sweet, beautiful young lady.

On another note, when we got home, Norm had replaced the old, ugly modern door with an antique I found a few years ago - it will be painted to match the house! And he finished repairing my cupboard and put the spinning wheel on top to keep her from being bumped and scratched; he can get her down any time I need to use her.


It is a beautiful day today – second day in a row of sunshine and above forty degrees, even though it IS windy! You have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your grand kids are the exception to the rule I think when it comes to knitting, crocheting, tatting, anything fiber. I dont think I have met any young person who enjoys fiber related anything as much as your granddaughters.

Candy T said...

Great idea with the wheel. I need to do something like that for little Pixie. You can't even see her in all that wool.

Glad you had a good trip.