Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Saturday was our first snow (about an inch) and Monday was our second snow – again about two inches.  Norm is going to drive me to Westbrook to exercise, pick up pills and stop at the library for some on-line ordered books.  It’s just barely freezing so the roads should be sloppy, not icy, but I don’t like not knowing and would prefer Norm to drive.

Last week, on Tuesday, Candy and I traveled to see Gail at Little Red Oaks Farm.  She raises Shetland and Finn sheep on her twenty-some acres (I think it’s twenty) not too far away from the Cities.  We traveled in rain all the way, but her home was very warm and hospitable.  We really had a great time talking and comparing fleeces and sheep.  I came away with only one bag of Finn (the ewe’s name is “Yarrow” and she has gray / brown / silver in the fleece.  Candy really didn’t come away from there with fleece but she reserved Maple again – as she really liked that fleece this year.


I think the gray one nearest us is Yarrow.

It’s been pretty chilly since then and down right cold again today.  I wish I had a wood stove to cuddle up with or even sit on, and know I will wish it again as it gets colder this winter.

My brother will come here this week for a few days.  He has traveled from Oklahoma for the annual fishing trip with our dad at the Oahe Dam near Pierre.  Then he will come out here to visit with Candy and I for a few days before heading back down to Oklahoma, where it’s warmer!

Next week, Joy and the girls and I plan on going out to South Dakota to see relatives.  Mom has been asking me to come out so I guess it IS my turn to go – and she has not seen the girls for a very long time.  Joy hopes to come in time to see brother Charles before we leave.  We will visit with Norm’s family as well as see friends before coming home.  Joy and the girls are so busy going to different meetings and groups that finding a week free was quite difficult.

The cupboard that Norm gave me is now set up and the drawers are waxed to slide easily, the door latches are repaired and the mirror re-glued in place.  I plan on using it for fiber stuff.  I have two drawers started already, but I have dedicated one drawer for my harp music and paraphernalia.  Now if I can just get a tuning key again, I can maybe even try to PLAY the harp someday.  We plan on putting little Anna up on the top of the cupboard to store her.  That way she will not get bumped or scratched when I move things around.  And hopefully, with the help of this cupboard, I can get more things put a way so there isn’t so much junk lying around.

Yesterday was a girls’ day out for friend Jody and I.  Jody has had an operation this past month and is living in the Cities with her mother.  Yesterday was an appointment in Sioux Falls so Jody picked me up and I rode with her for the day.  We had lunch at Olive Garden, shopped at Menards and picked up Long John Silvers’ take-out for supper for Norm (and me) last night.  It was a great time and we managed to talk through a lot of things that we haven’t talked about since she moved to the Cities. I miss having her so close and talking to her on a nearly daily basis.

This morning is cold and breezy but dry (so far).  Candy stopped by for some eggs and I forced apples on her.  Norm has picked most of the apples now and there are way to many for me to process, so I need to share (Jody took a bunch last night, too).

It is a beautiful day, even though it’s not sunny.  You have a beautiful day!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie, I was just catching up with you..has it been rainy/snowy and cold or what?? Your photos are great, what fun for all the school children. A great learning experience..yet I wonder what they took away from it all..cold and not dressed for an outing..:(

Gail V said...

Hi Connie,
I just caught up here, too. Nice pictures of me and "the girls"-- I can see I had fun with you all that day by my smile.
Yarrow is not Finn, by the way, she's a kinda-big Shetland. Musket is her color-- a brown that turns lighter soon after birth, from the graying gene. Go figure.
It takes some us us much longer.