Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Reunions

There are several types of families: there are the families of the blood and families of the heart. It is very fortunate when the two blend.

This weekend I had a blending of the two. Norm and I were at Pepin, WI, for Laura Ingalls Wilder days, spending time with our family of the heart. Sunday, Joy and the girls came down so we had time with part of our family of the blood.

And the two blended very well, as Joy and girls know many of the Pepin gang and had a great time re-uniting with them.

We are now in the Cities - we are going to spend today with Joy and family and celebrate Ken's birthday tonight, then head home. I have many pictures of the weekend to share, so will do so tomorrow when I am home on my own computer.

Until then, know that we had a beautiful weekend, weather-wise as well as heart-wise. You have a beautiful day.

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