Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm being held a prisoner!

I am stuck in the house today – and don’t know when I can get out.  There are sweat bees all over the place!  According to the experts: “Sweat Bee, common name for any of a large family of bees, many of which are attracted to the salts in human perspiration. Most sweat bees are small to medium-sized, 3 to 10 mm (0.12 to 0.40 in) long. They are generally black or metallic colored, and some are brilliant green or brassy yellow. Sweat bees are among the most common bees wherever bees are found, except in Australia, where they are relatively uncommon. There are about 1000 species in the United States, Canada, and Central America.

Sweat bees are particularly numerous in North America. Although their small size makes them relatively inconspicuous, hundreds may swarm over flowers in gardens or meadows. The different species are often difficult to distinguish. Most sweat bees visit a variety of flowers. They sting only if handled.”

Not only am I allergic to bees, but also I have been “hit” by sweat bees each time I’ve ended up in the emergency room.  So Norm is working outside and I’m working inside (well, pretending to work).  I can’t even go out to hang out clothes because the back door has about 20 or 30 bees hanging around in the sunshine right outside.  They sting only if handled.” – HA!!!  They will sting me if they land on me – I don’t have to move or anything.  I watched one land on my foot (before I knew I was allergic) and walk on it then take a big bite!!  And thus the trip to the emergency room.


We had 1-½ inches of rain this morning and now the sunshine seems to have brought the bees out to dry out and enjoy the sun.  Well, do so, little bees but then go away so that I can go back out! 


Candy Duell said...

Make sure you stay in until they leave! No more trips to the ER for you.

You also changed your picture, very nice.

Jan said...

Oh Connie,
That's not nice!
I'm stuck in the house as well but it's due to the high ozone levels here in Maine...the heat has been brutal as well.
Just relax and enjoy you 'forced ' indoor time.

Candy T said...

So have you done any research to see how we can get them away from the door and the house? They seem to love light colors best, but I haven't figured out what they like to draw them away. They are driving me crazy this year. Bumper crop of the little pests.