Monday, August 24, 2009

I love black walnut

Black walnut is my all time favorite wood.  And to my great surprise and thrill, I found out that “Anna” is made of black walnut. 

If you will remember the picture I had of her last week at the Threshing Bee, she was pretty.  But oiled with boiled linseed oil, boy, oh BOY!!!  Look at her shine, now! 

On another note, I have done a bunch of pickles this past week.  Dilly beans, sweet sticks, bread and butter, German dills (brother Charles’ favorite), sweet banana pepper rings.  Now, tomorrow, I am going to put Aunt Mary’s sweet pickles in syrup to soak another three days (three days in brine, three days in clear water, syrup for several days, with taking out, heating syrup and re-soaking, then putting in the jar with hot syrup.  A lot of work but worth it).  And have some sweet dills soaking in brine.

Our sweet sticks are so yummy that I’m going to have to make some more – these are a first and are winners. 

It’s been hot out and windy, all day, but tomorrow is supposed to be less windy and not as hot.  It was a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day.

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Candy T said...

She does look pretty good.