Monday, August 10, 2009

Her name is "Anna" -

- and she is “mine” – at least until this fall.

This lovely spinning wheel belongs to my lovely cousin, Ruth. She has stored it in her house since Great-Aunt Millie last used it in 1961. I believe I mentioned it the last time I was up to see Ruth, with Candy. But now I know the real story.

This spinning wheel was hand made and brought to the Big Stone area in 1880 by my Great-Grandma Anna Saueressig. She used it, then passed it to another person (name is known, relationship is not) and then came back to Great-Aunt Millie and her daughter Esther, who passed it on, then, to Ruth.

I coveted her from the moment I saw her; my fingers itched to spin on her! So when I knew we were going up to demonstrate at the local Threshing Bee (at Twin Brooks), I asked Ruth if I could borrow this lovely little lady.

When we got there, Ruth told me that Jerry had taken the wheel over to the site; Ruth took us over to set ourselves up and I got to get my hands on the wheel. I grabbed some wool from my basket and sat down to spin. I needed to find a hook to put yarn through the tiny orifice, so grabbed a small crochet hook for that purpose and started to spin. She SQUEAKED!!! So Norm oiled her important parts and she no longer squeaked.

Ruth was amazed that this little lady could actually work after all the years of idleness. However, all the important parts are there and there was no reason to NOT work.

Long story short – I spun on her all weekend – she told me her name was Anna, after my great grandma. She also told me that she wanted to spin “skinny” yarn. Ruth told me that I could take Anna home for the summer and they will come this fall to visit and collect her. I was so excited I could hardly speak! We will clean her up and oil her to make her shine. There isn’t much else that needs to be done to her as she spins so very well now, with no corrections at all.

I didn’t even touch my Kromski wheel all weekend, except to move her into a corner where people could see her and ask about her.

I will write more about the marvelous weekend later – probably tomorrow, including a wonderful (but short) visit from Jill and Eric yesterday! Right now I’m going to help Norm bring in all the stuff, push it into corners and deal with it tomorrow!

It was a beautiful weekend – you have a beautiful day!



Jnlang said...

nice. :)

Linda said...

I'm glad you had such a nice time. I loved the pictures of the wheel being a one time spinner.

Leslie Shelor said...

Very cool that you connected with Anna. I learned to spin on my great-grandmother's wheel and still get her out occasionally.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I can tell you are impressed with her! Wonderful post Connie..I really enjoyed it! How far north do you go in your demonstration travels?? :)