Thursday, August 06, 2009

Apricots and cigarettes

I was at the store today to get some stuff for our trip tomorrow (more later) when the young man in training wanted to know what I was purchasing – he did not KNOW they were apricots!  I asked him if he had ever had a fresh apricot and he said no – he’d had dehydrated ones and wanted to know if these were better?


BETTER???  Is the grass green in Seattle?  Is God in His Heaven?  Is all right with the world?


I told him he HAD to have one of the ones on special today, not “someday” as he promised and told him that he probably couldn’t eat just one.


I have been picking up apricots every therapy day since they are on sale and are sooooooooooooooooooo good!


On another note, as I toodled around town doing errands, I noticed some young boys selling “lemonade” so I stopped by on the way out of town, had a young tow-headed boy with a cigarette in his hands to come to the car and tell me how much the lemonade was and then bought a glass.  The young boy reminded me of myself when I was about that age.  I would bike around town with a cigarette in my fingers, puffing away and hoping to upset adults.  Never worked for me – bet it doesn’t work for him. 


Oh?  Did I mention that they are CANDY cigarettes?  And oh, so good – I should see if I can find some to nibble on.  They have the same taste as the valentine candy with sayings on them!


Now, about this weekend – we are going to a Threshing Bee to demonstrate; this is in Milbank, SD.  My cousins, Ruth and Jerry, that Candy and I met this spring live very close to the site and Jerry works there for a friend.  Jerry was responsible for getting Norm and I invited … it should be fun and we are going to be staying with Ruth and Jerry during the weekend.  We leave tomorrow morning and will be back on Sunday night or Monday – depending on if we spend Sunday night with R&J or not.


As far as my computer is concerned – it’s running at half speed or less.  Won’t let me on any Google pages expect my main blogger page and other main pages. 


I cannot post or edit, so I post through email; thank goodness THAT works.  Any editing that needs to be done is done by Joy (thank you, sweetie) who goes on to correct problems.


I cannot even send comments, so all of you who deserve comments, consider yourselves commented on.  I will do so when I get this problem fixed.  I should re-format, but I’m a big chicken – afraid to lose what I have.  So I am holding my breath, saving my money and hoping to buy a new computer from Vern, my computer guru this fall sometime.


Today is a beautiful day – another mild day with very little wind – perfect weather for me!!  I am going to put a skein of Soot’s yarn into a ball and find a pattern for cable wristlets – I want to make some for Pastor Mark as a thank you for giving Soot to me.  She is a treasure – her wool is to die for!!!


You have a beautiful day!


Moonbeam said...

I remember the candy cigarettes too! We have them here but now they are called candy sticks - and the little red tip is gone - so we don't make kids want to smoke.

Candy T said...

I have a really good pattern for cabled wrist warmers. Easy and pretty. The same one I gave to Jody. Let me know if your interested.