Saturday, July 25, 2009

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Thursday night about 9:30, I got a call from Joy, saying they were on their way down. This was a total surprise, because I had hoped they would come down on Friday, but Joy said “maybe next Wednesday.”

There are two reasons that we were expecting them “sometime.”

Saturday was a Laura Ingalls Wilder event at Walnut Grove that I had hoped they could join us for.

The second reason was that we received a “windfall.” My folks sold their house and decided to share a bit of their profit with us three children. They sent us all checks and requested that Candy and I use ours to work on the house. (Thank you, Mom and Dad!)

We had been talking about re-siding the south side of the house (kitchen side) and putting new insulation in. Well ……………. When Ken got involved, it grew to a bigger project.

Ken is a contractor and excellent in house-building and re-vitalizing. We offered to pay him a small amount (after what we paid for supplies) if he would come down and “help” Norm do this re-siding.

So they came down, in time for Walnut Grove and to start work on the house.

Well ……… (again) ……. We (I speak “lightly” of we – it’s Ken and Norm) have now torn most of the front of the house and (former) porch that we use as a panty, ripped up the foundation and will be putting new foundation as well as a whole new side of the house. They have found the original wood and framing, as the house was built in 1886. There were flour sacks stuffed in for insulation on one spot. There were corncobs used as filler in the cement that they used at the bottom of the foundation.

Today, Wednesday, Norm has headed into town to get blow-in insulation for the attic and more supplies. What should have been a three-day job (we thought) is going to be even longer.

Joy and the girls tackled the stairwell going upstairs to the girls’ room and also the basement bathroom. I’ve been busy washing dishes, washing clothes (girls hang them on the line) and cooking for the hard-working crew (biscuits and gravy for breakfast this morning).

So, I have some pictures of the house as well as of Walnut Grove to show you – it’s exciting to think that this winter the kitchen will be warmer and the house will be more solid. It seemed solid, but there was so much that was rotted out that the house could have fallen down any time in the future and we wouldn’t have know it until it happened.

Sorry pictures are not up yet. Technical difficulties... of course...

It’s a beautiful day with lots going on. You have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

YEA! you got to update your blog Connie. Glad to see the technical problems seemed to be solved for the most part.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I have not been by to see the happenings at Ash Lane for a while, looks like you have been very busy!