Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was my folks' 67th anniversary. For me, the 4th of July is less fireworks and Independence Day celebrations as anniversary celebrations. When I was little, I remember thinking that the whole world was celebrating my parents' anniversary.

Later, as I grew older, I understood that they had chosen the 4th because it was the day after Dad got his wings while in the Air Force.

Nearly every year we would celebrate the 4th and the Anniversary in a different place. My dad was in the Air Force, so we traveled to many different places. Every year, just about, we would have a different type of celebration.

There are 2 that I remember the best.

The 1st was in Japan; we, along with many other military families, sat on a hill overlooking a river and watched the magnificent fireworks that the Japanese put on. I don’t know if it was actually on the 4th or not, but it was magnificent and I don’t know if I’ve seen a better one, since.

The 2nd was in Deadwood, SD. My folks took their motor home and parked it on the street; there was a big wingding party with lots of street sales and good picnic foods offered. We had the whole family there, except for Candy and Wayne, who lived in Oklahoma that year. Cara kept a deep dark secret; she had collected Candy at the airport so that Candy could join us for this celebration. The funny thing was, Mom and I were in the motor home when Cara and Candy arrived. I was excited to see Candy but kept my mouth shut (a hard thing to do) until Mom could say hi to Candy – but the thing was – Mom didn’t register that Candy didn’t BELONG there at that time and just talked to her normally. It wasn’t until Dad came in and was surprised that Mom realized the trick the girls had played on her!

The fireworks were set off in the Deadwood open mine pit so we were fairly close to the base of the fireworks. Dad mentioned that when he saw fireworks, it reminded him of being in a bomber with flak from the ground shooting up at him. His explosions were dangerous, ours were just noisy and pretty.

Which reminds me of a dear friend, Joanna. When living / working at Historic Murphy’s Landing, the “gang” would have a get-together, picnic and joint fireworks watching party. Joanna would say, every year, the same thing. Let me see if I can remember it closely. “In other parts of the world, the noise like we are hearing is fearful and represents war-fare. In our country, it represents freedom from fear!”

So, how was YOUR Independence Day celebration? We had brother-in-law Wayne come over for hamburgers and brats. Norm and Wayne played cribbage (as always) and got the food cooked outside in between rain downpours (we got about ¾ of an inch in 24 hours) and we ate inside. Then Norm and I watched the PBS special display in DC. I enjoy fireworks if I’m comfortable and they aren’t so close that the noise is deafening. I enjoy them more if I can hear music while watching the display. Then a surprise after the special – a “Prairie Home Companion” special at Tanglewood. I listen to PHC most Saturdays on the radio, and it’s a great pleasure to see “live” the people I listen to so often.

It was a beautiful day, yesterday. We had sunshine, overcast clouds, rain and comfortable weather. The rain didn’t bother us as we were not picnicking or going to see fireworks. Near sundown, Norm called me out to see the fog and the moon. What a beautiful sight on a lovely 4th of July. You have a beautiful day!

Fog in the pasture
Full moon above the barn

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smallpines said...

Hey Connie! And Happy Anniversay! 67 - WOW! That's awesome. Time and it's sneaky ways - an amazing thing. Country life is keeping me so busy, I haven't been around here as much as I would like!