Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today is Candy’s birthday!

A few years ago (I cannot say how many, as I value my life!), my baby sister was born in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Our father was in the Air Force and we traveled all over the US and also into Japan during his career. I was born in Florida, Charles was born in New Jersey and Cara was born in Washington (state).

I can remember when Candy was born. I don’t remember Mom being pregnant (they didn’t talk about that in the “old days”), but I remember going to the hospital. Also, in those days, we children were not allowed in to see Mom or the baby, but she had a window room, so we would stand outside and wave to her (she couldn’t open the window, I don’t think, because we never talked to her!). Mom says she was in the hospital about a week with Candy – her shortest stay of all of us.

When I was born, she was not allowed out of bed for almost a week!

As my baby sister, Candy has always had a special place in my heart. Siblings fight and fight often as they are growing up. I had many fights with brother Charles, because he was the closest in age to me (and because he was Charles – nuff said!). Cara and I fought, some – especially if we shared a bedroom. But I don’t recall fighting much with Candy – she was young enough to not “crowd my territory” while growing up and was young enough for her to remain the baby in my mind.

So, now she’s grown and I’m mighty proud of her and all of the accomplishments that have followed her down her path. I admire her wisdom and her strength. She has ideas that amaze me (and they seem to work out, too!), like our “Stitches” Saturdays that we have once a month. She has another idea that we are working – if it works out, I will let you know about it.

This picture was taken at Lake Itasca when we were on an excursion with our Grandpa Childs (you can see him, headless, walking across the Mississippi). Itasca is the birthplace of the Mississippi and you can walk across stones at that spot as the trickle of a stream comes out of the lake and heads down its mighty journey to New Orleans and the ocean.


Happy Birthday, Candy!

It’s a beautifully rainy day today – going to be cool and wet all day, it looks like. And we need the rain here! Norm is home from South Dakota and is anxious to go out and work in the yard. I’m trying to convince him to begin the project of our second door, which will open to the east – we have only one door in our house to get out! You have a beautiful day today.


goodshepherd said...

Well Connie. I would suggest popping in a movie tonight for Norman to watch. Try "Fried Green Tomatoes". And when it gets to the Tawanda! part, where Kathy Bates knocks the wall out with a sledge hammer, just keep playing that part over and over again...and MAYBE he will GET THE HINT!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

LOL.. too funny Tawanda! I bet you would get another door!
Great Headwaters Photo! :)

Candy Taft said...

Thanks for the nice things said about me. My computer is on the blitz again, so I am having trouble writing and getting email. BTW..I love GoodShepherd's suggestion. Might work.