Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Sheets

Here in Minnesota, it takes a long time to go from winter flannel sheets on the bed to the summer light-cotton ones.

This year, especially, it has been a long time. Every time I planned on switching, we got a cold spell. In fact, I just recently gave up my flannel pajamas for my summer cotton nightgown because of the cold nights (is that too much information for you?).

Last week we had a heat wave with daytime temperatures in the 90s (30s C, Happy Owl), with a heat index ranging from 98º to 104º (again, Celsius, Happy Owl, would range from about 35º to 40º). And what IS a heat index?

I found this online to help you understand what the Heat Index is.

The formula for heat index is based upon the lookup table presented by Steadman (1979). This table was derived with a complicated set of measurements. The table can be mathematically analyzed to produce an approximate equation for the heat index:
Heat Index = -42.379 + 2.04901523T + 10.14333127R - 0.22475541TR - 6.83783x10-3T2 - 5.481717x10-2R2 + 1.22874x10-3T2R + 8.5282x10-4TR2 - 1.99x10-6T2R2

Well, I’ll just depend on the weatherman or a chart for heat index - how about you?

Any-who, it was mighty hot last week. We had the air conditioner on, which I don’t like, much, but I do like it better than the heat. I was tossing and turning at night because I was so hot in spite of the air, when it dawned on me ….. I still had the flannel sheets on the bed!

We changed to the summer sheets for a hot night, but sure-as-shootin’, we got a storm that night, the weather pattern changed and now we have COOL to COLD nights again! Ooofta! Last night was almost too cold for 1 wool blanket (plus the sheet) but I refused to get the other blanket pulled up from the bottom of the bed no matter how chilly I was. One has to have SOME standards in one’s life, correct?

It reminds me of my brother. When he lived in Minnesota, he told me that he never took his storm windows off until June 1st. “You never know,” he said, “what the weather is going to do until then!” Well, I can’t breath without fresh air in the spring. It never gets THAT cold that you want storms on after April 1st around here. If we have storms, they don’t last that long. With storms up, you can’t open windows for the fresh air that is so necessary for life (to me, anyway).

Speaking of not breathing without fresh outside air reminds me of the continual fight Norm and I have about our bedroom window. In the winter, when the temperatures are around 30º or higher, I figure that we could crack our window, put another blanket on the bed and sleep well. We always turn our heat down to about 60º at night anyway, so opening the top of a double-hung window is not going to make the heat turn on (the thermostat is in the living room), but Norm claims he’s freezing and closes it when he comes to bed, if I beat him there. Why can’t he just put another blanket on? Then, in the middle of the night, as I’m gasping for fresh air, I will try to sneak over and crack it DOWN even just an inch. Unfortunately, the window squeaks when it goes down (and Norm will not fix the squeak, for some unknown reason) and Norm hears it, so he gets up and closes it again.

Yes, Jody, the combination of the window fights and the fan fights at night makes for restless nights, sometimes!

Fortunately for me, when the weather turns warmer (above 60º at night), Norm does not object to the window open and even allows me to open the bottom of the double-hung window to get MORE fresh air in.

When the window is closed, it’s harder to hear my robin greet me at sunrise – about 4:30 these days – and to hear my mourning doves sing to me in the morning. Even when I turn over and go back to sleep after hearing them, I love knowing they are singing out there just for me!

Spring and Fall are the best times, for me, to let the windows stay open. Hot summers, Norm feels, require air conditioning at night as well as during the day. Winters, like I have said, are a fight onto it’s own.

This summer, I have been awarded with a lovely rose blooming. Jill and Eric gave me 2 roses for mother’s day, one year. The pink one has 1 or 2 blooms every year, and it growing larger, so hopefully it will give more in future years. The yellow one has never bloomed, but this year there is a bud on it!!! I am so excited about that one opening!

It is finally (after last week’s horribly hot weather) cool and breezy and wonderful out. Sunshine, temperatures in the 70s (20s C, Happy Owl) make for very pleasant, beautiful days. You have a beautiful day!


Far Side of Fifty said...

The weather has been just nuts, I blamed it on me grabbing my parka and putting it away upstairs, I put away my snow boots too! We are cold again.. but we need the I hope it rains for a few days..instead of just spit a few drops. We had only two warm days.. I have my fan on at night all summer and into the fall:)

Candy Taft said...

Nice rose. I'll be home next week, so keep that temperature down. We are steaming here.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Hi Connie, to answer your comment question, the roses never did root. I am not sure why but read it happens.
I can send you a rooted piece of the roses I got from that old farm in the fall, once they go semi dormant. Early enough to plant out but so early they are still growing. Please do remind me though. I have the worst memory. I think late August/early September would be best for shipping it out.
That sure is a pretty white rose. Bet it looks fantastic with a full moon above making the petals glow.