Monday, June 01, 2009


I have been lax in my blog reading lately. And I just popped over to see Kari Tauring's web page, only to notice that she now has a blog. So I have changed my link to her page.

Kari went to Norway (as you will read when you go to her blog) on invitation and spent about three weeks there. I am excited to read about her trip. I hope you will be, also.

It's a beautiful day - I have managed, three times now, to ride my Trike out to the mailbox (about an eighth of a mile one way) and back. I'm so excited. Next time I will try to go further. You have a beautiful day!

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smallpines said...

You and me both ... lazy on the reading scene lately. Kari's blog is neat. Thanks for that! Trying to take a break today from packing to catch up.