Saturday, May 30, 2009

What was he THINKING??

Now, I am alone for a week; Norm has gone to South Dakota to spend time with his family and I chose to stay home and nurse my back and knee.

Last weekend, we went up to see Joy and family for the “Memorial Day” ceremonies and also to help celebrate graduation for Norm’s boss and our neighbor, Margaret.


Congratulations, Margaret!

I had just set up, before we left, my fountain / bird bath and was enjoying it immensely. Norm shut it off (don’t wanna waste electricity, now, do we?) and I never got around to trying to start the fountain again until yesterday, after Norm left.

So, I followed the electrical extension cords (until Norm puts an outside outlet in, I have two extension cords going from the entryway out to the fountain) and plugged them in. Norm had unplugged the main pump cord from the orange cord and unplugged the orange cord from the blue cord (are you following me?) Then unplugged the last cord from the power strip that he had put on the wall so that I wouldn’t have to crawl under the table and over the trunk (storing winter boots, etc) to the plug-in on the wall.

The pump didn’t work! I tried again – unplugging and re-plugging each connection. I turned the power strip on (I thought) and off (I thought) – I cleaned the pump out – tried to make the little fan go, but no go.

This morning, I went into town and picked up a brand new pump and got it set up in the fountain and plugged in the connections.

The pump didn’t work! What the heck? What is going on? I tried again – unplugging and re-plugging each connection. I turned the power strip on (I thought) and off (I thought) – I cleaned the pump out – tried to make the little fan go, but no go.

So I thought – maybe the power strip isn’t working? So I found a small tape recorder and plugged it into the power strip and IT didn’t work. Just for giggles, I bent down and looked at the wall.


You don’t want to know what I was thinking and saying and whining about when I slowly, very slowly and carefully, slid down to the floor and crawled and inched OVER the trunk and UNDER the table and reached out to plug the power strip into the wall.

Voila! The pump works! Both pumps work! If Norm had been here, he’d be a dead man! (Actually, Jody said if Norm had been here that HE would have been crawling over and under while I was beating him with a very big stick!)

So, now I have a lovely fountain and a second pump for extras or for another fountain or waterfall somewhere. Sheesh!

Oh, by the way, Happy REAL Memorial Day. Between driving to town, crawling around, trying to get back UP from the floor and fussing in my head at Norm, I did remember the day and did think about today and what it really means.

Not that I object to people remembering loved ones and fallen soldiers on the last Monday of May, but there were less SALES and less non-remembering when Memorial Day was on the 30th.

I wish I had a picture of my fountain but forgot to take one and Norm has the camera in South Dakota. But I did take a picture of this bird yesterday morning before Norm left.


Isn't he pretty?

It was a beautiful day full of fountains and gurgling water (finally); you have a beautiful day.


Candy Taft said...

You could have called. I would have sent Hubby over to crawl over and under. But then, he would say it was good exercise for your knee. Aren't those Indigos beautiful?

goodshepherd said...

That is just SO funny, Connie! And YES, you WOULD have been beating him with a very big stick. Or at least waving it over the top of his head as he plugged the pump in! This reminds me of the midnight 'silent arguement' over the ceiling fan during a very hot night last summer, tee-hee!

Leslie Shelor said...

Sometimes brains become unplugged, just like power strips!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Norm..he wasn't even home to defend himself! I have been waiting for an Indigo Bunting to show up at my feeder! :)