Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!

So, Candy and I decided to visit Mom for Mother’s Day. We traveled 2 ½ hours northwest (she lives 7 hours southwest!). And how did this work? We went up to visit our cousins that we have never met and Mom met us there.

These cousins, Ruth and Jerry, are brother and sister. Ruth is a widow and Jerry is a bachelor. They spend part of the winter in California with a sister and the rest of the year on farmstead. Ruth’s son is the fourth generation to farm there!

We found that they are third cousins. Mom’s Aunt Ida is Ruth and Jerry’s grandmother. We spent a lot of time talking family. Mom brought the genealogy that Dad has been working on and we read a genealogy that a cousin on their side had written. We also read Aunt Millie’s story our great-grandfather moving to South Dakota in the 1880s.

They call the farm “Bird Haven;” their father was an ornithologist and Ruth’s husband did landscaping. So they have birds and flowers all OVER the place. It is a beautiful, peaceful place that sits on the north fork of the Yellowstone River, which flows into the Minnesota.

Most of Sunday was spent talking about family history and genealogy. Jerry took Candy and I on a tour of the farm area – Candy walked and I got to ride in the golf cart with Jerry.

Monday, we spent time talking, and then Mom headed off to Aberdeen to spend some time with a friend there. Jerry and Ruth took us on a tour of the area so that we could see the important places (to us) – the places where relatives lived in the past.

Then we had lunch at Milbank, some more touring and then heading home. A fantastic trip!!! Wonderful people. (See, Jerry and Ruth? I told you I’d say nice things!)

Tomorrow or the next day, I’ll try to do a little bit of details on the family – if’n ya’ll are interested.

It was a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day.

PS - I WAS going to do a slideshow but it wasn't working, so here are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

Bird house in the yard

North Fork of the Yellowstone

From the "back" of the house

The old water tank

East side of the house


Ruth, Jerry and Mom
Ruth, Jerry and Mom

The trio of "senior seniors"
Senior-Senior Trio

The spot where Grandma McFarland's house was
Grandma McFarland's home site - now the parking lot of a cheese factory

Ester's street
Cousin Esther lived here with Aunt Millie (see Aunt Millie's Shoulderette!)

Aunt Millie and Ester lived here

Big Stone Lake
Big Stone Lake

School where most of the ancestors went
Where the ancestors went to school

In Milbank
Milbank Windmill

Loon on a lake
Candy's first live loon

Entrance to the home

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