Thursday, April 30, 2009

My week, so far

Guess I’ve not been in a writing mood, lately. But it’s time to let you know what I’ve been doing this past week.

Friday, Norm came home with news that one of the goats had triplets. He told me that two of them looked kind of weak, but said “they’ll be okay.” Don’t you love confident men?

Saturday, Elizabeth called and said, “Can you open the nursery? The two are still weak!” So Norm went over and brought home two little girls and here we go again! I put them in a box with a heating pad (put it on number two to start, then back to number one when they warmed up). Then used a syringe for feeding (too weak to suck) and pushed a bunch of powdered colostrum into them. Peanut was excited to have babies to care for, but she gets so excited that she gets rather rough in cleaning them up, so we have to watch her carefully.

Sunday was “Reiki” day. Have you heard of Reiki? This is a healing method that is thousands of years old but rediscovered only about one hundred years ago or so. A Japanese Christian wanted to know the “how” of how Jesus healed with hands on and made it his life’s work to find out. After researching and meditating and with much help from religious leaders of many faiths, he was enlightened and given healing powers from God. He also found the way to transfer this power to others and began teaching others this way.

I found a Master of Reiki that lives about an hour from me, and talked to her via emails for several months. Sunday, Norm and I went to meet her so that I could get training – Norm was the “guinea pig” for my training. I also met two women who were getting their last training for becoming teachers / masters. The three of them are awesome, separately, and almost overpowering with their energy when all three are connected. They are Elizabeth, Belva and Andrea – and I hope to be able to be with them another time.

Norm was given “treatments” and they discovered (with no prior mention) that he had a severe problem with his neck. Afterwards, we told them that he had fallen and broken his neck. But afterwards, he said his neck didn’t crack or hurt as much when he turned it.

So, now I am officially a level one Reiki practitioner, and I am practicing on Norm to help him with many of his normal aches and pains. Elizabeth says that I will get better with practice. What an awesome day! We took the babies along to be able to feed them on schedule and everyone had to hold them and love them!

Monday – therapy … hopefully the last one.

Tuesday, we went to Sioux Falls. Norm had an annual appointment with his VA doctor and I had a twelve weeks’ appointment with my young knee doctor. My doctor was not too happy with my progress but was puzzled as to why I still had pain on the sides of my knees. He also said that I was building scar tissue underneath my scar …. I’m one of the “lucky” ones that have problems with scars, I guess. So I’m going to have steroids (start them on Friday), go BACK to torture for three times a week and come back to see him in four weeks. “WITHOUT THE CANE” says he! Otherwise, back to the hospital and he will bend my leg for me! (Sigh)

Wednesday, we planned on taking the kids back to the Farm to see if we could convince Momma to take them back. But when I checked on them, the white one, “Snowflake,” was bouncing and ready for breakfast. Little “Reiki,” the black and white one, was laying on the bed of the box in very bad shape. I sent Norm off with Snowflake and sat with Reiki in my arms until she left me. A hard thing to do, trying to convince her to stay with me while she slipped away.

I spent the rest of the morning depressed but Norm came home with good news, at least – Snowflake was sucking on Momma. Norm had put Mentholatum on Momma’s nose, Snowflake’s nose and tail and on her strong sister’s nose and tail. Momma was slightly accepting, so it looked like she, at least, was safe and going to survive.

When Norm came in, he brought me a small daffodil from the garden to cheer me up. And then we got ready to go to town for my last eye appointment. I was fitted with driving glasses. The doctor wanted me to have bifocals so that I could read AND drive with one pair of glasses.

No-way-hosay! I have reading glasses (cheap store-bought magnifying ones) all over the house so that I can find a pair when I need them. And all I need the other glasses is for driving!!! So he agreed (I guess he wasn’t going to force me to bifocals) and I picked out a new frame and headed home, tired and depressed and not feeling too well.

Tonight is Thursday and the week is nearly over. Therapy and steroids tomorrow and then a quiet (hopefully) weekend.

I will try to do better for keeping up on this, and will also work HARD at therapy and home exercises so that I will NOT go back to the hospital!

It was a beautiful day, today. You have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

I have no doubt that you will be working extra hard on your knee now! I think the Dr. did that as a scare tactic.
Reiki has fasinated me for awhile, keep us posted on how your doing with it. It sounds great.

Jan said...

Hi Connie,
I am so sorry that knee isn't being co operative. Isn't walking around in an old body interesting? My kids tell often, "Is your 'check engine' on, Mom. For us,as well, this year has been hard healthwise. But my spirit is strong and I have plenty to do even though I have been sidelined. It looks like you do too with your reiki training and you kidlings!
Get well, Jan

Leslie Shelor said...

Sorry about the little baby but it's tough when three babies come at once. Glad two of them are doing well! And hope all your efforts help you to mend soon!

Frances said...

I can feel your frustration in your posts Connie , but think how far you've come since your operation seems not a lot to you but to *me* anyway i think you are doing amazingly well. Keep going !!!!

xx said...

Triplets! Awesome babies! I know it must be tough, but you're doing so nicely since the operation. You hang in there. To me, seems like you have come a long way. Sorry I haven't been able to check in as much with getting ready for the move!