Sunday, March 01, 2009

What a day!

Actually it will end up being “what a weekend!” Today, March first, is Norm’s birthday – he is now sixty-five.

Joy wanted to have a surprise birthday party for him, so we talked about menu and all that good stuff while she was still in the Cities. Then she planned on coming down on Friday to surprise him (which she did). Joy said that Ken was not going to be able to come down, but HE surprised ME by showing up. They arrived here in time for supper Friday night.

Saturday morning the girls helped Joy and I get ready for the party. We had nibbles for people to eat (meatballs in barbeque sauce, “baby hotdogs” in teriyaki sauce, chips and dip, etc), so had to get them ready.

We told Norm that we were starting to get a fancy lunch ready, so he had no hint that someone might show up!

Right about one, Wayne showed up, which was a semi-surprise, but not, because Norm figured Wayne came over to see Joy and family. After that, people kept coming, one right after the next. Norm hasn’t stopped grinning, even now! They brought nibbles, cards and gifts.

Most everyone stayed until after five – which showed, to me, that they were really enjoying themselves. The group separated (of course) into men and women – the women came into the living room where I could visit with them and still stay in the recliner.

The fascinating thing about my side-of-the-house-visiting was that everyone who came was neighbors, except for Fritzie – who lives in town. But she has been around long enough to know everyone. LeAnn and her sister-in-law grew up in this area and they both played here in this very house as children (now, how fascinating is that?). So they were able to tell me what the house looked like before all the modern additions were put on. I also learned more about the people who had lived in the house prior to our purchasing it.

Norm said on his side (in the kitchen, closest to the food), the men talked farming and / or hunting. Wayne and close friend Lavern (LeAnn’s brother) went up to the studio to have a private talk – we threatened to go through their pockets to see if they had taken any of my things from up there.

Before they left, LeAnn grabbed everyone and they sang “Happy Birthday” to Norm.

Joy grabbed my camera and took pictures of the party and I took a few of the “morning after” – so I have the slideshow to let you see our guests.

t was a beautiful day, made special by so many friends and neighbors coming to celebrate a special day for a special guy. Thank you, Joy for your idea. Thank you, Ken, Bitty and Bubba for helping make it work out. They are beautiful people, all of them! You have a beautiful day!

PS - Trouble with slide show - will put it up as soon as I figure out how to fix the problem!


Kati said...

Yeah!!!! I'm glad to hear that Norm has had such a very nice Happy Birthday. Wishing him many, many more yet to come!

Candy Duell said...

Happy Birthday to Norm! I am very glad his day was wonderful, and full of surprises.

Keep up the good work on your knee! It will be wonderful when spring comes, and you can go out and enjoy the weather, and walking to the barn.