Friday, March 27, 2009

Knee News

Several of you have asked how my knee is doing – thank you very much! So I thought I’d tell you just how it IS going.

SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!!! Now, I had been told that I would be “happy” in two weeks, dancing in six. The truth is that, after seven weeks, I’m still not sure if I’m “happy.”

I still hurt! I am doing all that the Pain and Torture people are demanding of me, I am exercising at home, I am rubbing vitamin e cream on my scar, but I am still stiff and sore.

I AM out of my walker, now, and using a cane – that was changed over my objections. PT says that I need to learn to balance on my own or else I’d be dependent on the walker the rest of my life (so is that bad?).

I can bend my knee more than before. I was able to bend, by myself, to a ninety-five degree angle when I went to see the doctor for my six-week checkup. He wants me to bend, on my own, to one hundred fifteen by the time I see him again, which will be in another five weeks.

I am down to torture for only two times a week, rather than three, but that means I need Norm to help me exercise more often at home.

The doctor said that I might not be “happy” until almost three months!!!! YIKES!! But I am persevering. I am trying to take my pain medication in longer stretches and substituting with Ibuprofen, but still am pretty dependent on medication.

Am I happy? I don’t know – there are times that I don’t hurt at all (very few) but times that I hurt to the degree of tears. However, most of the pain is just severe aching. The scar is difficult – it burns when I bend it, but that, I’m told, will get better with time, as long as I keep rubbing it with cream and desensitizing it. The muscles and tendons that were stretched and / or cut will gradually stop aching.

Part of the problem is that I still have swelling and that is causing pain with this weather that keeps popping up and down the barometer. I have been told that I actually have a barometer in my knee (but that is SUPPOSED to go away when the swelling goes away).

So, is this more than you wanted to know? I still spend most of my day in the recliner; I try to weave but can only work for about fifteen minutes at a time. I cannot spin at this time, but hope that will get better soon. I can get up and cook or wash dishes but cannot stay upright for very long. I can keep my knee bent and my foot on the ground for a small amount of time but am not comfortable for a long period.

However, hope springs eternal and I have confidence that this all will be worth it. By late spring I should be able to walk further and will have the warm weather to walk in. PT told me not to use a treadmill (I was going to try to start walking on one to get my walking in) as it is too jarring on my knee – and that will never change. However, I will walk again, easily and I will be pain free (someday). So I guess I MIGHT be “happy” at this date, but at least I’m moving onward and upward.

It’s a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!


Small Pines said...

Slow and steady wins the race! It honestly sounds like you are doing wonderfully. I know it must feel like a long time, but it really hasn't been - and you have come such a long way! You're up on your own already! I could imagine the up and down weather would be bad for it too. Take care and do everything they say - You'll be spinning in no time.

Laurie said...

I'm so sorry that you're in pain - I know that long-term pain sure can wear you down. But you *will* heal soon. Keep your eye on the prize.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Connie, You are getting better..just not as fast as you want. Patience..and I am sorry that you still have pain. The spinning wheels are beautiful! It looks like you all had a wonderful time! :)