Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holy Eye Patch, Batman!

Yup, children – I have been wearing an eye patch. At least at night, which will continue for a few more nights, but I also had to wear it for 24 hours after my surgery.

So, I had my eye surgery on Tuesday morning. We were worried about the weather – it was supposed to be nasty and we didn’t know if we could make it in time (had to be there at 6:30). We also worried that the doctor couldn’t make it from Sioux Falls that morning.

However, the weather held off, sort of – it wasn’t fun going to town with freezing drizzle and coming home with wet snow and wind, but it was not impossible to travel.

We got there and I was taken directly into a room where they prepped me for surgery while anxiously waiting to hear that Dr. West HAD made it there. I had an IV put in – the tech who did it promised to make only 1 “stick” (as all others have promised). And, can you believe it? It only took 1 try and she was in the vein! That means only 1 bruise on my arm! Can you believe it? I still can’t!! I look at my arm and say “holy buckets!”

The nurse put eye drops in my eye – in fact she put in 3 separate drops in, 3 separate times. This, on top of eye drops all day on Monday and then again Tuesday morning.

By this time, I was pretty hungry – and it was funny because I normally don’t eat until about 10:00. However, my knee was in pretty bad straits and we struggled to find a way for it to be comfortable. I was in a recliner on wheels that was rolled into the operation room (brother, was that a cold place), but they put extra blankets on to keep me warm.

The assistants then put blue gauze or paper on my face and taped around my left eye. Dr. West asked how I was doing and then the anesthesiologist put me out. I woke up soon after (as was “promised”) as Dr. West was working on my eye.

I asked him if I could go back to “sleep” but Dr. said he needed me awake – if I was asleep, I might dream and jerk my head. However, the little bit of time that I was out was enough to numb my eye and put something (don’t know what) around it to keep it open. I think they clamped my eyelid to my eyebrow.

I could see light and a little bit of blue shadow and could hear noise. I even carried on a conversation with Dr. West about why he became an eye doctor and he kept telling me what he was doing.

He used some ultrasound (which is NOT quiet) to break up the cataract, as he said it was very thick and hard to work on. I could here the brrrrrr, brrrrrr, brrrrrrrrr, just like a drill which was the ultrasound machine breaking up the cataract.

Then he said it was all out and told me he was popping the lens in. This lens is like a contact, only fits INSIDE the eyeball and is permanent. Soon he was taking the paper / gauze off my face so I could see out of my right eye, put his hand over the right eye and asked if I could see him. YES, I COULD!!!! No haze! A clear, smiley face!

I had an eye patch put on and was rolled into another room where I sat and recovered – was given some orange juice and some banana bread. Once I felt better, I got dressed and was sent home.

I napped all the way home, then crawled into my recliner, cuddled Peanut and went back to sleep.

And that was Tuesday – wearing an eye patch, but still having to have eye drops, so Norm would take the patch off, give me the eye drops and then put the patch on, and me go back to sleep.

Wednesday morning we went back to town to see Dr. West, again. I had been able to take the eye patch off when I got out of bed, after the eye drops, again. The nurse handed me a plastic frame that hid my right eye. I could not only see Norm with my left eye, but could see individual beard hairs on his chin!

Then talked to Dr. West again, who checked me out, told me what to do in the near future and sent me home. He told me I had 20/25 vision, which is fantastic.

So, instead of seeing road signs that were blurry or nearly non-existent, I could READ the road signs!

I can sit here and see birds in the trees with my left eye, not just with my right eye!

So, here I am!! A new knee, a new eye and another new eye in just a few weeks. Bionic Woman I am – hear me roar!!!

Is this too much information for you? I hope not!


And you have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

Oh my goodness, you are the bionic woman!
I guess if you're going get it done might as well get it ALL done. Take care.

cherylhotton said...

Wow Connie you are going to be all brand new . I love reading your blog and I check here every day for up dates . I live in New Brunswick Canada and your winter is very similar to ours .

Small Pines said...

Hope you are feeling a least a little better! Now you're a bionic pirate! So much medical stuff lately. Ah, well. It's gettin' ya better. Be well and rest up.

Anonymous said...


I hope get to feeling will be as good as new soon!!!

We bought a new worm bin for Valentines Day...come check it out:)


Frances said...

Feel better soon!!!!



Candy Duell said...

You are taking care of everything at once. How is the knee doing, getting better every day???

Take care of yourself!
Say hi to Norm for me.


Kati said...

Gosh Connie! You really ARE getting to be the Bionic Woman. I hope your eye heals quickly as does the other once you have THAT surgery. and YEAH for good eyesight!

Have a FANTASTIC week, Connie!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I hope you are feeling better by now.
Been thinking of you lately, especially while I visited an alpaca farm and checked out their fibers.( i was picking up the composted poo for the garden).
Alpaca fiber is so soft!
Enjoy the "new eye" sight.